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Jan 16, 2024
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Landing page


The landing page serves as a centralized hub where users can access important information about the CDP without navigating through various interfaces. It simplifies the user experience.

Users can get a quick overview of critical metrics and insights about their CDP on the landing page. This includes health status, recent releases, contact coverage, and other essential data.


  • Mobile Marketing Cloud
    • Customer Data Platform


CDP Health

We use several metrics to calculate the health of the CDP, most important metrics are your error level in the event logging and workflow logging and the state of the queue. If you have a high error rate, the health of the CDP will lower and if your queue is not actively processing, this will also lower the health of your CDP as this implies no new incoming events are being processed and as a result workflows will also be delayed.

  • Do you have a Segment, then you get +10%. We want to encourage you to make the most out of your CDP data, therefore segment your audience to start meaningful conversations.
  • Do you have a workflow, then you get +10%. We want to encourage you to make use of automations.
  • Is your profile cap between 0% and 25%, you get +5%. You're off to a great start, grow your customer base by engaging with your audience.
  • Is your profile cap between 25% and 95%, then you get + 10%. You have enough room to grow your audience.
  • Is your profile cap between 101% and 125%, you get - 25%. Your CDP is full and your new profiles cannot be reached, upgrade to get access to your full audience.
  • Is your profile cap above 125%, you get - 50%. Your CDP is full and your new profiles cannot be reached, upgrade to get access to your full audience.
  • If there is an events queue and it is not actively profiling, you get - 75%, as this implies something is wrong and needs attention. Checkout the event logging page to see what is happening with your event queue and contact support if needed.

General assumption is that the score will never be below 0 and never above 100.


The actions widget give you immediate access to the most used features in the CDP.

New in Mobile Marketing Cloud

This widget provides details on feature releases in the Mobile Marketing cloud and links to our CM wide release notes page.

Complete your profile data

Grow your audience by adding more data sources



An overview of how many profiles are in your CDP and how far you are from your profile cap as based on your subscription.

Contact information coverage

An overview of external keys and their value coverage, so for example, how many of your profiles can be reached through email? This is great insight if you want to extend your contact coverage across multiple channels and send communication by the preferred and most fit channel.


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