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Sep 06, 2022
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How to send a full SMS Campaign


Create a campaign and start sending your first SMS!

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Sending a full SMS Campaign

In this article it is explained how to send a complete Campaign via SMS. This can also be seen as the introduction guide to Campaigns.

  1. Go to Campaigns:


To start a new Campaign, click the '+' icon on the right for a new campaign.


You can either start a new message, or create a re-usable Template. Please note that using a template is only possible in the paid version of Campaigns.

In this example we will create a new message. To do so select "New Campaign"


Campaign name The Campaign name is used to find previous Campaigns that you have created. Use that to give your Campaign a meaningful description. The end user will not see this name.

Channel By selecting the Channel drop down menu you can determine how you want to send out your Campaign. All the Channels that are activated on your profile and supported by Campaigns will show up here. We will select SMS.

Recipients In the recipients field you can define who should receive this Campaign. You can select individual telephone numbers if you are sending the Campaign to one, or a few people. Do not forget to include the country code! You can also add an Address book, if you are sending the Campaign to a large group. To do so, click on the + and select your Address Book list.


If this is all filled in, click next.


Sender In the Sender field you can set the name you want the message to be sent from. Please note that a Sender can contain up to 3-11 characters.

Message: Write your message you want to sent out. We provide several options to add to your message for a more personalized experience by using 'merge tags'. With these tags you can for example include the First Name of your recipient. This will automatically personalize each message for you.


Add a CM Page CM Pages give you the opportunity to include a link to a landing page in the message. The landing page can be used to add rich visuals to a message. Click on the Pages icon and select a Page you already created in CM Pages, or create a new one.

Add a URL If you want to add a link to your own URL use the URL option. Click on the icon and enter the URL that you want to refer people to. We automatically shorten the URL for you to give more space for the rest of your message. You can also add your own URL as plain text to the message if you do not want to shorten the URL.

Show opt-out tag: This option is selected by default. This gives all recipients of the message the possibility to opt-out of receiving future communications. As discussed under 'Recipients' you can ignore the opt-out if you need to send important service messages. If you don’t want an opt-out, you can turn this off. Please note that depending on local laws & regulations we may be obliged to always add an opt-out. The unsubscribers via this tag will be shown in the "Unsubscribers" group in Address Book.

On the right hand side, you will see a preview of your message. Additionally, we directly calculate the total number of messages and the total cost for the Campaign.

You have now set up the message. If you first want to test your campaign to, for example, your own phone number click on 'Send test message'. If not, click next. Here you can modify the Settings for how the Campaign will be sent out.

To send out your message you have two options: You can send it out directly, or you can schedule the Campaign to be sent out at a certain date and time.

Schedule message Select the date and time you want the Campaign the be sent out.

Spread over time With this option you can spread the messages to be sent out over a period of time. This can be applicable if you send it a large group, for example. You can select the time block in which you want the full Campaign to be sent out.

Alternatively, you can select 'Send Now' option. You still have the option to spread the Campaign over time. When using 'Send Now' it will directly send out the Campaign when you click send.


You have now set up your Campaign. The summary page will give you an overview of your Campaign. If you are satisfied with the settings, you can send or schedule your Campaign.



Below you find a video on how to send a complete SMS Campaign via Mobile Marketing Cloud.

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