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Jul 28, 2023
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How can I use triggered email campaigns

Newsletter campaigns are campaigns that are sent straight away to a group of recipients. Triggered campaigns are a bit different, they are like long running campaigns and a mail is only sent to a single recipient when a trigger happens.

When to use triggered campaigns?

You should use a triggered campaign when you don't want to send to a group of recipients all at once, but only want to send it to specific recipients when a certain event occurs. If your company has an online environment (could be a web shop, or a customer portal) you probably want to send a mail when someone lost his password. You only want to send it to this specific person when he/she requested a password reset.

How can I send a trigger?

We have a default integration in our Customer Data Platform. If you're using our Customer Data Platform, you can create segments and automate the triggers without the need of coding something yourself. If you don't use our Customer Data Platform but you have your own software, you can also code it yourself. It is pretty easy to implement and how to do this can be found in our API documentation

What are the advantages over using our send mail API?

You can still perfectly use our API to send mails, there's nothing wrong with that. In this case you have to provide the body of the mail to us and we can send it out for you. However, that would mean you would have to do your own mail template management. You need a developer to create the template for you, or you need some kind of environment with an editor that allows you to create mail templates and store it for you. With triggered campaigns this is not necessary. You can easily create and edit your campaigns in our online tool. This means that once you've built your campaign and a trigger is created, you can easily edit it without the need of a developer.

It also allows you to see the statistics of your campaign so you can perfectly see how well your campaign is performing and improve it when you think it can lead to a better conversion.

Can I use merge fields?

Of course you can! Add the merge fields you want to use in the campaign settings. After that, you can use them in your design by just selecting them. However, make sure a value is provided for the field when sending the trigger. If no value is provided, your merge field will show up empty in your email.

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