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Oct 25, 2022
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How to create a template in E-mail Campaigns?


After this article you'll know how to create a template in e-mail campaigns and you know why it can be useful to create a template.

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Template settings

An email template is a pre-made email layout that contains text, images and colors. You can use a template multiple times for either triggered and newsletter campaigns with different content.

Step 1 - Go to 9 dots > Email campaigns > Templates
Step 2 - Click on the blue + button to add a new template. The following menu opens.


Template settings
1. Template settings: Here you can setup your template settings such as the name and description.

2. Design your template (drag & drop content, define a structure, add buttons, html, etc.). Your creativity is the limit!

3. Text version: Sometimes images are not displayed in a mailbox. Instead you’ll have lines of text as a back-up. This is where you can upload this back-up text. And add a link to visualize your email in a browser.

4. Advanced: Here you can select to track and how to track your email Campaign, to get certain statistics.

5. Name: In this field you can give your template a name (for internal use).

6. In this field you can add a description to this template. This is to explain the purpose of the specific template for example: “this is a sales follow-up email”. The description will help others to understand the purpose of this template.

7. In this field you can give a preview text to your email, it is used to give a short snippet about the content of your email.

8. Click on the three dots and a menu opens with the following options:

  • Send testmail: You can send a test email to selected recipients

  • Preview: You can preview the template (to see what it looks like in a mailbox or a browser).

  • Back: Go back to the previous page (template overview)

9. Save Draft: Save your template.


For a full explanation about the different content blocks for designing an email, go to: Different building blocks of an email campaign.

How to add a template in a newsletter or triggered campaign?
Step 1 - Go to newsletter or triggered
Step 2 - Create campaign
Step 3 - in the campaign settings you can select a template you've created.

You can also directly create a template for an already existing emailcampaign. Go to the emailcampaign you want to have as a template, click on the three dots and click ‘Save as template’.

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