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Nov 22, 2022
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How to include a page in an Email Campaign


To include a page in an email campaign.

E-mail - include page

A page can be included in an email campaign in 2 ways:

1. Adding the public link of a page to an email. This can be done by dropping the page-URL as a link behind text, an image or button of an email.

Adding a link behind text in an email:

  • Select the piece of text and press the link-button


  • Fill out the information regarding the link. Select link type "URL" and paste the pages link in the URL-box. You can choose to underline your link in order to let it stand out. You have the possibility to change the text to display in front of the link. You can give the link a title to recognize it when link tagging. Finally, at target you can select if you want to open a new window when clicking the link or navigate to the link in the same window. When satisfied, press "Ok".


  • You can also include a page link behind a button. This is done by selecting the button and adding the page-link on the right


  • The same can be done for an image: Select the image box, go to "action" on the right side and add the page link to the URL-box


  1. You can also include a personalized page in an email. For a button or an image, this can be done by selecting it and pressing "insert page or special link"


  • In the menu, select the "Pages"-tab, select the preferred page and press "Add"


  • When adding a personalized page to a text box, select the place where the link has to be placed and press "insert page or special link" in the black toolbox


When clicking the button, a unique link will be created for that page, in which personalized content like merge tags and dynamic text can be displayed.

The difference between including a public or a personal page:

The biggest difference between a public and a personal page is the purpose of both of them:

  • A public page is a page which is generic and does not deviate in content. No merge tags are included in this page. The URL of this page is always the same.
  • A personal page is a page which has one specific recipient. This page has personalized content, like merge tags. The URL of a personal page is unique for each recipient. Using a Personal page, also makes asking again for contact details obsolete, since these data is passed trough to the page.

Also see the article [WIP-MMC] Pages - Send a Page with Campaigns or Email Campaigns

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