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May 01, 2024
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How to setup multi-language campaigns


Instead of creating separate campaigns for each language, marketers can use this feature to efficiently setup their campaigns for multiple languages. This saves considerable time and effort that would otherwise be spent on duplicating tasks and managing multiple campaigns separately.


  • Mobile Marketing Cloud
    • Email Campaigns
    • Customer Data platform

Why use multi-language campaigns

Businesses aiming for a global audience can create campaigns in multiple languages to effectively communicate with diverse markets. This increases the potential customer base and enhances brand visibility internationally

Providing content in customers' preferred languages enhances their overall experience with the brand. It fosters a sense of inclusivity and makes it easier for non-native speakers to understand the product or service offerings, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, it optimizes your automated flows, eliminating the need for separate flows for each language. Instead, a single flow is utilized, with the multi-language campaigns feature ensuring that the appropriate campaign is sent based on the user's locale.

How to setup a multi-language campaign

Email campaigns

When creating an email campaign in our campaign tooling, select the multi language campaign option. This is supported for both newsletters as for triggered campaigns.


It will open your multi language campaign settings and from here you can add multiple language variants. After you've created a variant, you can add language values for a specific variant.

The language value is the locale of the profile, so when a profile (either from CDP or Address book) has a locale value, we will use this value to check which language variant to send.

For example, the language variant nl-NL can have multiple language values like nl-NL and nl-BE. So all people who have either locale nl-NL or nl-BE on their profile will receive this variant.


In case of a newsletter, make sure to select an audience. This will automatically fill the dropdown of possible language values in the language variant dropdown and provides you with an overview of the languages available in the audience and the potential costs. The 'matching' language will automatically be selected, so if you have added a nl-NL variant and there is an nl-NL locale value in your audience, this language value is automatically added to your language value list.


Fallback language

When a profile in your audience does not have a locale filled, this setting will allow you to still send the email in the fallback language.

When a recipient does not have a (matching) locale field filled and there is no fallback language, the campaign will not be send!

In case of a triggered campaign, you will see the email step marked as failed in the CDP workflow logging as the email was not sent out.


You can leverage the multi-language campaign feature within our own workflow engine in the CDP. This eliminates the necessity of setting up individual workflows for each language or creating multiple branches within a single workflow for each language.

When creating a workflow, you can also choose the multi language campaigns, next to the 'regular' triggered campaigns. When a multi language campaign is selected an additional selection will appear to select the property where the locale data is stored. By default this is the locale field, but it can be that this data is stored in a custom property.

Do make sure that your profiles include a valid locale field, as based on this setting, the appropriate language will be automatically sent to our email campaign tooling for sending of the campaign in the right language.


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