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Nov 08, 2022
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How to use Mergetags in Email campaigns


After reading this article you'll know how what merge tags are and how to add merge tags to triggered campaigns (which you add to a workflow) and newsletter campaigns.

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What are merge tags?

Merge tags are also known as personalization fields or personalization tags. Merge tags allow you to insert ("merge") data from your mailing list directly into your email campaigns. For example, if you'd like to insert your subscriber's first name into your email, but also more advanced scenarios are possible like including a personalized link. It's not only possible to use merge fields in your design but you can also use them in your subject, preview text and text version.

How to add merge tags in newsletter campaigns?

1. The first step is to go to your design, set your cursor in a text element where you want to use the merge field and press the 'insert merge tag'.


  1. A popup will show up. It will show all the merge fields that are available in your address book app. Select the merge field you want to use in your campaign. In the case of the first name, choose Recipient.FirstNameimage.png
  2. Your merge field will now show up in your text.

    Include merge fields in a button or link
    To start using a merge tage in a button or link, follow the steps above. Then copy the merge tag text (see below)

    Go to the button or link you want to use this merge tag in, and paste it.

    Use merge tags in the subject, preview text or text version
    Even though there is no advanced editor involved in the subject, preview text or text version, you can still use merge tags in there. Simply start typing "*{{ *" and a popup with all available merge fields will show up. Click on the merge field you want to use and it will automatically be included in your text.

    How to use merge tags in a triggered campaign
    A triggered campaign is not linked to an address book. Because of that, you are completely free in the names of merge fields you want to use, but you have to specify the names of the merge fields yourself.
    To do this, go to the campaign settings tab of your triggered campaign. In the merge fields section, fill in a name for your merge field and press enter.

The merge tag is now available in your campaign. Using it in your design, subject, preview text or text version now works the same as for normal campaigns.

If you're using a workflow in the Data app to send this triggered campaign, you can map these merge fields to profile properties while you're creating the workflow.


Below you find a video on Merge Tags in the Mobile Marketing Cloud.

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