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Oct 25, 2022
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Newsletters and triggered campaigns


After reading this article you'll know the difference between a newsletter & triggered e-mail campaign and for what reason you can use it.

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differences between newsletters and triggered campaigns

Newsletter campaigns are campaigns that are sent straight away to a group of recipients. Triggered campaigns are a bit different, they are like long running campaigns and a mail is only sent to a single recipient when a trigger (an event in the customer data platform) happens.

When to use newsletter campaigns?
- If you want to send a campaign to a specific group of recipients all at once
- If you want to send a campaign to a specific group at a specific time

When to use triggered campaigns?
You should use a triggered campaign when you don't want to send to a group of recipients all at once, but only want to send it to specific recipients when a certain event occurs. For example: If your company has an online environment (could be a web shop, or a customer portal) you probably want to send a mail when someone lost his password. You only want to send it to this specific person when he/she requested a password reset.

Where to create a newsletter campaign and where to create a triggered campaign?
In the section 'newsletter' you can create newsletter campaigns. You can directly send the campaign to a group participants you've uploaded in address book or to a segment which you've synced from the customer data platform.
- in the section 'triggered' you can create triggered campaigns. However, you need to create a workflow in the customer data platform to connect the triggered e-mail based on a specific event.


Below you find a video on the differences between Newsletters and Triggered Email Campaigns in the Mobile Marketing Cloud.

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