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Jul 31, 2023
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How to use link tagging?


Understand how link tagging works and how you can set it up.

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Link tagging is a useful feature when you use our Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Email Campaigns. It allows you to tag your links. This tag will then also be visible in the clicked event in the CDP. This allows you to send targeted campaigns to people who clicked a link with a certain tag.

For example, when you sell different kind of products, you can tag each link with the product type. Next time when you have an update about a certain product type, you can send your message to all people that showed interest in the product type before because they already clicked a link with that product type.

To use the link tagging options, just create your campaign like you would do normally. Then when your finished with the content of your campaign, go to the advanced tab.

You will see something similar to the screen below.


You will see all links that were included in your campaign, and how often they are used. If your text version is up to date with your html version, it should be at least 2 times, one in the html version, one in the text version.

Behind each url you can add a tag. You can easily add new tags. We will save the tag for you so you can easily select tags you've used before.

When you have sent your campaign and someone clicked the link, you will see that tag in the email clicked event of that profile in your CDP.

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