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Jan 05, 2024
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How to setup Web personalization

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  • How to setup Web personalization


Learn why web personalization is important for your business and how you can use it.


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Why use web personalization

Web personalization is crucial for businesses as it tailors online experiences to individual users, improving engagement, increasing conversions, and fostering customer loyalty by delivering relevant content, product recommendations, and targeted messaging based on user preferences and behaviors. This not only enhances the overall user experience but also maximizes the effectiveness of marketing efforts, ultimately driving business success in the competitive digital landscape.

Enhanced User Experience & engagement

    • Personalized content makes users feel more valued and understood, leading to a more positive and enjoyable online experience.
    • Tailoring content to individual preferences increases the likelihood of user interaction, such as clicks, views, and time spent on the website.

Improved Conversions & retention

    • Personalized recommendations and messaging can significantly boost conversion rates by presenting users with products or content that align with their interests and needs.
    • Personalization contributes to customer loyalty by creating a more memorable and satisfying experience, encouraging users to return to the site.
    • By dynamically adjusting content based on user interactions, businesses can adapt to changing user behaviors and preferences in real-time.

Optimized Marketing Efforts:

    • Targeted and personalized marketing campaigns are more effective, as they are based on real-time user data and insights, leading to higher ROI on marketing spend.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

    • Personalization relies on data analysis, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on user behavior, preferences, and trends.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities:

    • Personalization allows businesses to strategically present complementary or upgraded products, increasing the potential for additional sales.

Implementation setup

Follow the below steps to ensure a smooth implementation of webpersonalization. A Mobile Marketing Cloud Pro subscription is needed to use this feature. You can find wepersonalization in the apps menu under the Mobile Marketing Cloud.


Setup Webtracker

To ensure effective personalization, enabling web tracking is crucial. This process empowers us to collect information about your customers' preferences and behaviors, enabling us to deliver personalized recommendations that closely align with their interests, thereby enhancing their overall website experience. For a step-by-step guide on how to implement web tracking, check out our comprehensive guide.

Select the domain (as setup in Tracedock/webtracking) for which you want to setup personalization


Setup Website header

After configuring the webtracker and the domain selection as mentioned above, the next step is to insert a script into your website's header, allowing us to initiate web personalization. Simply choose the domain you established in our webtracking solution and copy the generated script into the HTML head of your website. To verify its functionality, click the "test connection" button.

If the test indicates a failure, please review your domain settings and confirm that it has been accurately set up in the designated domain section. Ensure the correct domain configuration to ensure seamless integration.


Setup personalization

Now that we've identified the domain for displaying personalization, let's proceed with creating one.

Click on 'New personalization' and assign a name to your personalization for easy tracking and include a brief description to provide context and clarity. This way, you can easily trace and understand the purpose of each personalization you set up.


  • Audience

Choose the specific audience for whom you want to display this personalization. Utilize our Customer Data Platform (CDP) segments to define the audience. If you haven't set up an audience yet, you can easily create one. For more details on creating audiences in your CDP, please refer to the provided documentation here

If you want the personalization to show to everyone, you can leave this field empty.


  • Schedule

By leaving this box unchecked, the personalization will be displayed continuously. However, if your personalization is tied to specific occasions, like a Christmas promotion, you can opt to set a start and end date for showcasing it. This ensures that the personalization is visible only within the designated timeframe, aligning seamlessly with your promotional strategies.


  • location

Specify the webpage where you want the personalization to be displayed. This selection ensures that the personalized content or message appears on the designated page, optimizing its relevance and impact for users visiting that specific part of your website.


  • position on page

Provide the CSS selector to precisely identify the position on the page where the personalization should appear. It's crucial to ensure the selector is uniquely labeled; otherwise, the system will default to the first one it encounters. This step guarantees that the personalization is accurately placed on the intended location, enhancing its visibility and effectiveness.


Setup personalization variants & preview result

Once you have created the personalization you can add variants, you won't be able to publish a personalization without an active variant. You will be notified of the missing fields.

Note that currently we only support 1 variant to be active per personalization.

Create a new variant by clicking on the 'New variant' button in the top right corner and give it a name.


On variant level enter your HTML, CSS and Javascript that you want to show. You can click the preview button to see how it would reflect on your website.


Once you're happy with the result save your variant and publish the personalization. For publishing a personalization you need to have a variant active and the settings of the personalization filled in. If anything is missing a pop-up will appear with the missing details.


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