Knowledge Center next icon How do I create ticket categories in the shop?
Dec 06, 2022
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How do I create ticket categories in the shop?


  • Ticketing


You click on Shops and click on the shop link that you have made. Here you click on ticket types.


On the left you see your available tickets, this are all the ticket types that you have made. On the right you see steps and underneath that you see tickets, this you can rename to what you prefer, by clicking on the pencil in the right corner. On top of that you can see add step. By clicking on this you can create new ticket categories.

If you click on a ticket type and drag them to the right, you can add your ticket type to the created category.

Bear in mind to save everything in the end, by clicking on the save button. If you open the ticket shop you see that all the tickets are classified in the ticket categories.

Some events have many ticket types in many ticket categories. In the shop always all selected categories and ticket types are displayed in a row. It is not possible to create drop downs of the ticket categories.

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