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1. Customer Experience

A customer experience is built when a product or service is purchased and when customer service is provided.

2. Communication Platform

A platform that provides access to the most popular mobile communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business, Twitter, Viber, etc.

3. Payment Platform

A platform that provides access to the most popular payment methods to handle payments directly within the mobile channel.

What is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational Commerce is the combination of communication between companies and brands with their customers and online payments. Customer communication is increasingly taking place on mobile channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Apple Messages for Business. With potential customers when it comes to sales and marketing, or existing customers when it comes to customer service. This way, companies and brands directly engage with customers via their favorite mobile channel where they can be reached best. Adding online payments within a mobile channel ensures a seamless customer experience from contact to purchase. Each customer contact provides new information that is stored in the central customer profile. This customer profile offers the opportunity to further personalize each new contact moment. provides companies and brands with the necessary platforms, solutions and products to create unique customer experiences for their customers. By engaging 'the conversation' through mobile channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Apple Messages for Business, former anonymous customers get names and corresponding profiles in order to serve them best.

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1. Customer Experience

When a consumer is in the process of purchasing a product or service, contact with the company or brand is very intense.

The way in which this contact takes place is of great importance when it comes to the customer experience. If the contact goes smoothly and quickly, this leads to a positive experience.

Research shows that such a positive experience contributes to building a brand preference. Communicating with consumers via their favorite mobile channel plays a major role in this.

After all, the lives of many consumers increasingly take place on their mobile phone.

Improve the Customer Experience

When a purchase can be handled directly during the contact, this has a positive influence on the customer experience. This involves completing a purchase within the consumer's favorite mobile channel without having to switch to other apps.

After the purchase of a product or service, such as clothing, but also tickets for museums and events, contact with customer service is desired when there are questions or help is needed. Again, when this is done via the consumer's favorite mobile channel it has a positive impact on the overall customer experience for that specific brand. In addition, in this phase the direct handling of payments within the mobile channel leads to a positive experience.

The smart integration and automation of mobile communication and payments provides consumers with a unique premium customer experience. For companies and brands this leads to better sales, more customers and increased customer satisfaction.

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2. Communications Platform's communication platform provides access to the most popular mobile channels through our own cloud software solutions (Mobile Marketing Cloud and Mobile Service Cloud) or for partners and developers directly through our APIs.

All popular mobile communication channels are supported, from SMS to WhatsApp and from Facebook Messenger to Viber. The communication platform offers marketing, sales and customer service the possibility to contact their customers directly via these mobile channels. 

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3. Payment Platform is an international payment service provider which means that we can handle online payments for all popular payment methods such as iDEAL, credit cards and Klarna.

The combination with the communication platform makes it unique what has to offer to companies and brands.

The combination of cloud software solutions (for marketing, sales and customer service), direct access via APIs for developers and our payment platform enables companies and brands to offer their customers a unique customer experience.

More about Payments

Want to Get Started With Conversational Commerce? is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce. Our communications and payments platform empowers to automate customer engagement across mobile channels enriched with payments to drive sales and increase customer happiness.  

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