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Sports Organizations We Serve

Sport Associations

Are you an association focusing on a specific sport? Discover how we can help you engage with your members and more.

Sport Events

Are you organizing one or multiple events during the year? Discover how we can help you engage with them via mobile messaging and more.

Sports Clubs or Stadiums

Are you a stadium or club with many visitors? Discover how we can help you collect your data, grow your fanbase, and more.

Use Seated & Secondary Ticketing

Ticketing To Sell Out Your Event or Stadium

We offer two different ticketing tools depending on your needs. Do you have a venue with seat selection? With seated ticketing, you can easily classify and seat your attendees! We offer event ticketing if you want to sell regular tickets for your sporting event. Either way, we deliver the ultimate ticketing experience for your sporting event.

  1. Customize your ticket shop with your branding

  2. Get access to real-time and detailed data

  3. Increase revenue with upselling and cross-selling opportunities

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Engaging Your Supporters and Sponsors with Marketing

Collect your supporter's data and send them messages based on their preferences and behavior. Surprise them with a voice message from their favorite player or share exclusive offers with your season ticket holders.

  1. Get to know your supporters by collecting their data

  2. Set up automated workflows and work more efficient

  3. Communicate through mobile channels like SMSemail, and WhatsApp

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Boost Your Revenue With Payments

We offer innovative ordering and payment solutions for your stadium or event. Let visitors order through their phone for a smoother order flow or use our cash register system.

  1. Give visitors a choice to order through mobile or at the bar

  2. Quickly scale up during peak moments with our flexible methods

  3. Receive all orders and payments on one platform

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But There's More

White-Label App

We help create the best-rated event apps. Entirely in your branding and ready for you in a few weeks. This enables you to even better communicate and engage with your fanbase.

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Customer Service

All-in-one customer service software. Interact with your customers through their preferred channel via one Agent Inbox, or automate your conversations with a chatbot.

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Landing Pages

Create mobile-friendly landing pages in your branding to support your campaigns. Drag and drop your favorite design elements and customize the layout.

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We are curious to hear more about your sports organization. Together we can discuss your goals and discover how our tools can help with this.

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Music & Live

Discover all our solutions for the music & live event industry. Create an unforgettable mobile customer journey for your fans through smooth ticket purchase, personalized communication and more.

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Museums & Parks

Discover all our solutions for museums & parks. Get to know a ticketing system that meets all your needs, combine it with marketing tooling and give your visitors a unique experience and more.

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Discover our all-in-one solution for theaters. A ticketing solution that seamlessly matches your needs and marketing tools to offer unique experiences to your guests.

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