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Feb 26, 2019 • Conversational Commerce
The greatest innovations at MWC 2019
The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is jam-packed with mobile innovations. Here, I would like to highlight those trends and innovations that stood out most, kicking it off with a much expected 'mobile gadget'.
Feb 07, 2019 • Conversational Commerce
CPaaS, the driver for Conversational Commerce
Conversational Commerce is the convergence between messaging apps and commerce. Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber but also native apps like RCS (Android) and Apple Business Chat (iOS) will fulfill a significant commercial role in your customer contact.
Feb 07, 2019 • Conversational Commerce
Apps are dead: invest in Business Messaging
These days, communication between companies and customers primarily takes place via the smartphone. Your customers can directly reach your company via communication channels they already use every day. And vice versa! Just how convenient is that? We’ll tell you!
Jan 22, 2019 • Conversational Commerce
Conversational commerce: be there where your customers are.
Mobile leads the way; Customers find, compare and buy on their mobile phone. The expectations from the consumer of mobile as a channel is therefore totally different than 10 years ago. Nevertheless, many companies still organize their marketing, sales and support the same way as 10 years ago.
Dec 03, 2018 • Conversational Commerce
The future of mobile in 2019: What to expect?
2019 is imminent and with the arrival of many technical innovations, customer expectations are also rising rapidly. The following 5 terms play an important role in mobile and customer contact in 2019. Are you prepared for the future?

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