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Empower your event management

Get Your Event Online in No Time

Manage, promote, and analyze your events using our user-friendly dashboard

  • Customize your branded ticket shop
  • Analyze real-time insights per event
  • Ensure quick and easy checkouts for visitors

Get Your Event Online in No Time and Drive Your Ticket Sales.

As an organizer, you probably want to focus on the live part of your event, so don’t waste too much time setting up your shop. Use our software to easily create a branded ticket shop, offering your visitors a smooth experience where they can buy tickets in just a few clicks.

  • Be in full control with our user-friendly dashboard.
  • Customize your branded ticket shop.
  • Generate extra revenue through upselling.
  • Ensure quick and easy checkouts for visitors.

Your Own Custom Branding & Design

No boring, standard designs. Instead, maintain your brand with your own look and feel to get your visitors in the mood. Complicated? No way! You don't need any coding skills, and we don't charge extra costs. Custom is the standard!

  • Add images, logo’s, texts, colors and more!
  • Also customize your email, (mobile) tickets, and the queue.
  • Hyper-responsive to fit on any screen.
  • Integrate our API in your own web shop or app.
See the example

Data & Statistics at Your Fingertips

Unlock the power of data with our user-friendly dashboard, providing real-time insights per event. Customize your view with preferred statistics. Even during on-sales, monitor success per minute by analyzing visitors in the shop, queue, and active shopping carts.

  • Get insight into your sales, costs and visitors
  • Easily compare your ticket sales with previous events.
  • Shareable dashboard to provide partners with relevant insights.
  • Use the Customer Data Platform and build 360° customer profiles.

Boost Revenue with Promotional Campaigns and Upselling

Boost your revenue by running promotional campaigns with discount codes or exclusive access codes. But revenue isn't limited to ticket sales alone. In our shop, effortlessly create additional steps for products like transportation, merchandise, tokens and more, instead of one page with all products.

  • Optimize the buying experience.
  • Higher conversation rates.
  • Generate extra cashflow before the event.
  • Avoid queues during the event.

Your Smartphone as a Ticket Scanner

Ensure a smooth and fast entrance for your visitors by using our free scanning software for iOS and Android. Transform any smartphone or tablet into a ticket scanner and scale up during peak times.

  • Real-time insights into site visitors.
  • No Wi-Fi, our scanning software works anywhere and everywhere.
  • Shortage of smartphones? Rent extra scanners from us.
  • In need of assistance? Our entrance managers are happy to help.

But There’s More

  • Seated Ticketing: Create a seating plan and assign each sold ticket.
  • (Sealed) TicketSwap: Avoid fraud and let your buyers securely swap their tickets.
  • Customized Queue: Upload images/videos and send real-time texts.
  • In-chat Ticket Sales: Combine with our messaging channels.
  • E-commerce Tracking: Track all activity within your shop (Google & Meta).
  • Partner API: Connect with your third parties.

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Of course, this was just a sneak peek. Our software can do way more! Curious? Discover the full story or get in touch here and let’s talk!

Mobile Service Cloud

Customer Service Software

Answer questions from your visitors efficiently

Answer Questions From Your Fans Quickly and Efficiently!

In the countdown to your event, you probably receive a lot of questions through multiple channels. Wave goodbye to the hassle of switching between these channels to respond—instead, centralize all questions in one inbox, or automate responses to common questions with a chatbot.

  • Boost your efficiency and save time.
  • Personalize the conversation with customer profiles.
  • Provide instant replies and improve the fan experience.

Automate Conversations With a Scripted Chatbot.

Answering frequently asked questions like, 'Are there lockers?' or 'When does the ticket sale start?' can be time-consuming. Preferably you spend this time organizing your event! So, save time by setting up automated responses in no time with our dummy-proof chatbot builder. Embed it with a self-created widget on your website or seamlessly integrate it into your communication channels!

  • Don’t let your fans wait, deliver instant replies.
  • Save hours of work.
  • No development skills needed, code-free chatbot builder!
  • Seamless handover to human if needed.
More about Our Chatbots

Interact via Different Channels, Answer Through One Inbox.

Everyone likes to ask questions their own way—WhatsApp, Instagram, email, you name it. But managing replies across all these can be a headache. Not with our software! Your team can handle everything from one inbox. And guess what? In this conversation, you can also see visitor details like ticket type, purchased merchandise, etc. This makes it easier to understand the question and enables you to provide a personal response!

  • Get a complete overview of all conversations.
  • Provide fast and personal replies.
  • Work more efficiently.
  • Questions automatically assigned to the right person/team.
  • View all available data and chat history about the visitor.
More about Agent Inbox

Discover the Possibilities of AI!

AI is booming and the opportunities are endless, also for the event industry! Integrate it in your chatbot and work even more efficiently. Sound overwhelming? We understand, but don’t worry! Just provide your content, your website, or any other document, and voilá, get a powerful, trained, and self-served AI chatbot.

  • Answer questions of your fans even better & faster.
  • Chats like a real person but never needs a break.
  • Saves time, allowing you to focus on your event.

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Do you want to know more about our Customer Service Software? Discover the full story or get in touch and let’s talk!

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Marketing Automation Tooling

Collect your data and send personalized mobile campaigns

Personalize Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

By having all your visitor data in one place and utilizing favorite mobile channels like WhatsApp, Instagram and SMS, you create unique experiences that increase revenue.

  • Centralize customer data.
  • Personalize the 1:1 customer experience.
  • Match the perfect channel to your ideal audience.
  • Time it, message it, channel it.

Get More Out of Your Customer Data

Discover the power of data and bring all your online customer data together in one central place for marketing campaigns that give your customers a wow experience.

  • Centralize customer data.
  • Segment based on behavior or preferences.
  • Enhance fan profiles with cross-channel data.
  • Use data to its full potential.
More about Customer Data Platform

Powerful 1:1 Communication

Extend the experience by providing a top-notch mobile experience before, during and after the event. Surprise your visitors with 1:1 campaigns that meet their specific needs.

  • Personalize the 1:1 customer experience.
  • Boost your ROI through real engagement.
  • Offer unique discounts and deals for loyal fans.

Be Right Where Your Visitors Are

Connect with your fans across popular messaging channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, and harness customer data for the ultimate customer experience.

  • Match the perfect channel to your ideal audience.
  • Send videos, links, and audio messages via WhatsApp, SMS & e-mail.
  • Accelerate your revenue with in-chat ticket sales.

Drag & Drop Marketing Flows

Take total control of the customer’s journey. With our drag-and-drop editor, you easily build a solid workflow based on your visitors' behavior and preferences.

  • Automate with personalized workflows.
  • Time it, message it, channel it.
  • Work efficient and save time.

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Do you want to know more about our Mobile Marketing Cloud? Discover the full story or get in touch and let’s talk!



Festival & Event Apps

Engage with your growing digital fanbase

Turn their data into valuable insights, and ensure year-round engagement

  • Take full control with powerful CMS
  • Manage your crowd with push notifications
  • Boost sponsor revenue

Transform Digital Fandom Into Revenue

Engage and communicate with your growing digital fanbase, convert their behavior into valuable insights, and enhance your profits.

  • Centralize the user experience.
  • Reduce advertising expenses.
  • Enhance sponsored deals.
  • 100% white-label and modular.

Year-round Engagement

Take your interaction with visitors to a new level by adding a mobile app into your communication mix. Load your mobile app with awesome content and perks and send push notifications with scoops and updates to keep your visitors hooked all year long.

  • Bring all your digital content together
  • Add timetables and calendars that stand out.
  • Integrate with your favorite streaming platforms.

Manage Your Crowd

Keeping your crowd in check is key to ensuring your events run smoothly and safely. By providing real-time location-based information to your visitors and organizers, the experience can be optimized and top-notch.

  • Real-time location insights & heatmaps.
  • Supercharged location-based marketing.
  • Enhanced crowd safety and security.
  • Integrated with Colocator for real-time mobile location data.

Boost Your Sponsor Revenue

Sponsorships and brand activations are essential components of most live events and festivals. Embed them into your event app to enhance your sales strategies by creating new or expanding existing sponsorship deals.

  • Add branded interactive cards to your newsfeed.
  • Create a dedicated sponsor section.
  • Brand the POI on your interactive map.
  • Highlight sponsor activations.

Powerful CMS With Insightful Dashboards

Take full control of your app with our user-friendly CMS. With just a few simple clicks, you can effortlessly manage all your in-app content, communication channels, and even rearrange navigation items through real-time analytics and data observations.

  • Get to know your visitors with visualized data.
  • No coding skills required, completely dummy proof.
  • Learn from your users click behavior and engagement.

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Of course, this was just a sneak peek. Our software can do way more! Curious? Discover the full story or get in touch here and let’s talk!

POS Payments

Cashless POS Payments

Quickly process orders with our intuitive software

Process Orders in No Time and Boost Your Revenue

A complete cashless mobile ordering & payment solution for your food, drinks, tickets, merchandise and more.

  • Works on every device.
  • Order mobile or at the bar.
  • Unlimited points of sale.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customizable per point of sale.

User-Friendly & Fast Software

The bar is the place where you need to make your profit, but most events work with 1-day hires. That's why we've crafted an intuitive and modern interface that is easy to work with and processes orders swiftly. With this, your bar team is up and running in no time!

  • Tailor interface per bar based on inventory.
  • Customize interfaces with colors and images.
  • Add products, categories, descriptions and more in seconds.
  • Use customer-facing display to show order to visitors.

Flexible Set-up

Turn any mobile device into a cash register or pin terminal. Simply download the software and SoftPOS on your device and create your own optimal setup. Whether you prefer handheld devices, cash registers, or even smartphones, the choice is yours.

  • Scale up during peak hours.
  • Finish transactions while walking on site.
  • Rent the required hardware.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows

Let Visitors Order and Pay With Their Mobile Phones

Put your visitors into control by sharing a QR-code or integrating an order page in your app. Avoid queues and ensure that your visitors enjoy their visit to your event, match, festival, or venue to the fullest.

  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Upsell additional products.
  • Collect data of your visitors
  • Design order environment in your look & feel.
More about Mobile Order

Real-Time & Reliable Insights

Discover the performance of each bar, team member, product, and more from one clear dashboard. Optimize accordingly by shifting bar members or inventory.

  • Select quick stats for instant performance analysis.
  • Discover real-time results that refresh every second.
  • Receive post-event evaluation report to optimize next editions.

Combine With Communication Channels

Don't limit yourself to real-life interactions at the bar. Stay in touch via mobile communication (SMS or WhatsApp) with both your visitors and your team to keep them informed.

  • Fast onboarding by sending SMS with instructional video.
  • Engage team by sending thank you message or give-away.
  • Informing visitors about less crowded bars.
  • Notify visitors with message when their drinks or food is ready.

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Do you want to know more about our Cash Register software? Get in touch here and we’ll give you a quick call!

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Conversational Channels

Engage With Your Visitors

Every region has their preferred communication channel. Choose the one that fits your visitor’s needs best!

Partner of Meta

CM.com is official partner of Meta. This signifies an exceptional alliance on the forefront of technological innovation.

Engage With Your Fans Through Whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication channels in the world. Where most people still think you can only use it for personal conversations, more and more businesses are discovering it as a tool to engage with their fans! From customer service to marketing messages and everything in between.

  • Attract and engage younger audience
  • Sell tickets quickly with in-chat sales
  • Be less dependent on social media
  • Answer questions quickly
  • Elevate the visitor experience

Keep Your Fans Engaged

Discover the power of engagement year-round. To impress, don't start the conversation a month before your sale. Keep your fans informed year-round with exclusive content through this powerful channel. Such as pre-sale alerts, loyalty rewards, lineup reveals and more!

  • Create meaningful touchpoints
  • Increase tickets sales
  • Create a loyal fan base
  • Lower advertising costs

Make It Personal

Make fans feel special with personalized messages using your data. Use a Customer Data Platform to collect info on their purchases and preferences, and send automated yet personal campaigns with unique codes, exclusive promotions, or surprise discounts for loyal fans. Boost ticket sales easily through in-chat ticket sales, simplifying the transaction within the same conversation.

Answer Questions Quickly

Younger generations expect instant responses, so don't make them email your support address and wait for two days. Ensure you provide them with the smoothest experience possible! Transform your Whatsapp into a service channel where fans can easily ask questions. Receive all questions in one inbox, enabling you to work efficiently and save time.

  • Boost your efficiency and save time
  • Personalize the conversation with customer profiles
  • Turn conversations into conversions
  • Provide instant replies

Are you ready to discover the power of WhatsApp? Let's talk about improving your fan experience and boosting ticket sales.

Engage Visitors with Apple Messages for Business.

Are you active or expanding into the United States area? Integrate Apple Messages for Business into your communication strategy to connect with Apple-loving users in the United States. Stay tuned to this messaging channel as it's expected to expand beyond US boundaries soon.

Apple Messages for Business enables you to deliver tailored updates to your growing fan base, including real-time chat support, in-chat sales, exclusive offers, and updates about events or other rich messages.

Enhance Interaction With Viber

Connect with your visitors in Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East using Viber. Go beyond plain text—deliver rich, instant, and interactive experiences to keep them informed and engaged.

Viber is known for its global reach and trustworthiness:

  • Secure communication: end-to-end encryption to protect your messages.
  • Guaranteed delivery: if recipient lacks internet, it switches to SMS as backup.
  • Verified channel: verified sender is presented when interacting, fostering trust.

So, if you are expanding in above mentioned areas and looking for an effective way to communicate with your visitors, this is the channel!

Connect With Your Fans Through Facebook Messenger.

Facebook is still hot! Most people use it often to ask questions to event organizers. That’s convenient but there’s are many more opportunities to engage with your fans on this platform. Send personalized marketing messages 1:1 to your fans and stand out!

  • Reduce advertising expenses
  • Easy sell tickets with in-chat sales
  • Extend your reach beyond organic posts
  • Answer questions quickly

Keep Your Fans Engaged

Perhaps you need a one-time investment to collect opt-ins from your fans through activating creative campaigns. However, afterward, you're ready to engage with your fans 1:1 at no additional cost! Keep your fans informed throughout the year with exclusive content via this powerful channel, including pre-sale alerts, loyalty rewards, lineup reveals, and more! By delivering relevant content, you create meaningful touchpoints that boost ticket sales, foster loyalty among fans, and reduce advertising costs!

Make It Personal

To increase conversion rates, personalize communications using fan data in a Customer Data Platform. Create profiles with insights on purchase history and preferences. Send unique codes or promotions to show appreciation for loyalty, increasing the chances of higher ticket sales. Integrate in-chat purchases for streamlined ticketing within the same conversation, simplifying transactions.

Answer Questions Quickly

Younger generations expect instant responses, so don't have them email your support address with questions and make them wait for two days. Especially if they're not visitors yet, ensure you provide them with the smoothest experience possible! Turn your Facebook into a service channel where fans can easily ask questions. By using our Customer Service tool (link), you will receive questions from all channels in one inbox. This enables you to work efficiently and answer questions quickly!

  • Boost your efficiency and save time.
  • Personalize the conversation with customer profiles.
  • Turn conversations into conversions
  • Provide instant replies and improve the fan experience.

Are you ready to discover the power of WhatsApp? Let's talk about improving your fan experience and boosting ticket sales.

Be Where Your Fans Are With Instagram Messaging

Stand out in a crowded market with numerous events by connecting with your fans on Instagram. And no, we're not talking about splurging on digital marketing ads in the feed—instead, we're talking about 1:1 communication through their inbox! Is this possible? Yes!

  • Attract and engage younger audiences
  • Reduce advertising expenses
  • Easy sell tickets with in-chat sales
  • Extend your reach beyond organic posts
  • Answer questions quickly

Most organizers still rely on email, and while it can be effective, we also know that the open rate is not impressive. Another commonly used method is organic posts, but did you know this is only viewed by 10% of your followers? Ouch... So, seize this opportunity by engaging 1:1 on this popular channel. You'll be one of the first!

Connect with an Opt-in

Of course, you still need permission to send messages, but there are many creative ways to activate your fans and collect opt-ins. For example, create a cool Instagram story with a giveaway or exclusive access. Have your followers reply with a simple word, like 'Yes!'—keep it straightforward, my friend. Send an automated reply with a button, and you're good to go!

Maybe you need to kickstart a paid campaign to broaden your reach, but after that your fans will be as close as they can get. You can effortlessly reach out to them with promotions and other information at no additional cost! Music to our ears!

Keep Your Fans Engaged

Discover the power of engagement year-round. To impress, don't start the conversation a month before your sale. Keep your fans informed year-round with exclusive content through this powerful channel. Such as pre-sale alerts, loyalty rewards, lineup reveals and more!

  • Create meaningful touchpoints
  • Increase tickets sales
  • Create a loyal fan base
  • Lower advertising costs

Make It Personal

To increase conversion rates, personalize communications using fan data in a Customer Data Platform. Create profiles with insights on purchase history and preferences. Send unique codes or promotions to show appreciation for loyalty, increasing the chances of higher ticket sales. Integrate in-chat purchases for streamlined ticketing within the same conversation, simplifying transactions.

Answer Questions Quickly

Younger generations expect instant responses, so don't make them email your support address and wait for two days. Ensure you provide them with the smoothest experience possible! Transform your Instagram into a service channel where fans can easily ask questions. Receive all questions in one inbox, enabling you to work efficiently and save time.

  • Boost your efficiency and save time
  • Personalize the conversation with customer profiles
  • Turn conversations into conversions
  • Provide instant replies and improve the fan experience

Are you ready to discover the power of Instagram? Let's talk about improving your fan experience and boosting ticket sales.

Engage Directly from Visitors Searches

Jump into your visitor's Google searches on Search and Maps, helping them out when they really need it. Make it super easy for potential visitors to ask questions by setting up a chat right on Google Search or Maps. Give instant help through a chatbot or live chat.

And guess what? You can also proactively share information about the line-up, event site or other details. Plus, boost your conversation by sending potential visitors’ reminders about your event and sharing a link for them to buy tickets. Easy, right?

Google Business Messaging is known for enabling you to provide next-level support:

  • Automated Customer Service: Integrate a chatbot to quickly provide answers to FAQ’s.
  • Instant Support: Provide immediate answers when visitors need it.
  • In-chat sales: Increase conversation by making it easy to buy tickets in-chat.
  • Customer feedback: Gather feedback effortlessly.

Discover the Future of Text Messaging With RCS

Are you a true frontrunner? Then explore this messaging channel to engage globally with your visitors in a more interactive and dynamic way. Bring your text messages to life with rich media—send personalized offers to your fanbase or showcase all the products in your ticket shop directly, making in-chat sales easy.

RCS Business messaging is known for driving engagement:

  • Rich content: send images, media carousels, CTA buttons, GIFs, video and more.
  • Dialogue: implement chatbots or live chats for personal support.
  • Guaranteed delivery: if recipient lacks internet, it switches to SMS as backup.
  • Verified channel: verified sender is presented when interacting, fostering trust.

Safely Connect With Visitors Through Telegram

More and more people are discovering Telegram as a channel where their privacy is guaranteed. So be where your visitors are and expand your reach!

  • Secure communication: end-to-end encryption to protect your messages.
  • Guaranteed delivery: if recipient lacks internet, it switches to SMS as backup.
  • Verified channel: verified sender is presented when interacting, fostering trust.

But there are many more opportunities for event organizers and visitors on Telegram. It's the ideal platform for fostering a sense of community by creating channels and stimulating interaction.

  • Create a public channel and let visitors join to share event announcements.
  • Set up a group for Q&A sessions, share thoughts or interact with each other.
  • Create a private group for loyal fans and share exclusive offers.
  • Use the reminder features to send updates about e.g., ticket sales.
  • Gather feedback after or share photos and videos during your event.
Grow Your Business

Venues & Clubs

If you host multiple events per year, staying organized can be a challenge. So, efficiency is key. With our all-in-one software you stay in control without the need to switch between different systems. Effortlessly create engaging mobile visitor experiences, ensuring visitors return for the rest of your event agenda.


Why Venues Partner with Us

  • Get an Oversight of All Your Events
    Effortlessly manage all events and track sales
  • Collect Your Data in One Place
    Get to know who your visitors are and what they love
  • Sell Tickets Faster
    Promoting your events directly through mobile channels
  • Work More Efficient
    Centralize visitor questions in one inbox or automate with a chatbot
  • Increase Your Bar Revenue
    Swiftly process orders with our user-friendly cash register
Grow Your Business

Festivals & Events

As an event organizer, you juggle various roles—from arranging F&B and managing logistics to creating marketing strategies. It’s fun but challenging, so the last thing you need is a tech stack causing headaches. That’s why we’ve created an all-in-one platform to easily create unforgettable mobile visitor experiences before, during and after the event.

Festival Straps

Why Events Partner with Us

  • Brand Your Own Ticket Shop
    Use your own design and let your visitors buy tickets in a few clicks
  • Be Less Dependent on Social Media Platforms
    Own your data and engage your fans directly whenever, wherever
  • Sell Tickets Faster
    Stay engaged year-round and promote your events 1:1
  • Improve The On-Site Experience.
    Manage your crowd and send them updates through mobile channels
  • Boost Your Sponsor Revenue
    Provide brand visibility in your own festival app
Grow Your Business

Artists & Labels

At the heart of the music industry are artists., but it's not just about the music—it's the whole package. Like businesses, they need a unique brand. To stand out, a strong marketing strategy is crucial. It helps them grow their fan base, sell more records, merchandise, and tickets, putting them in the spotlight.


Why Artist Partner with Us

  • Built A Loyal Fan Base
    Reward them with exclusive releases or limited-editions
  • Be Less Dependent on Social Media Platforms
    Own your data and engage whenever, wherever
  • Reach A Wider Audience
    Connect with platforms like Spotify, Instagram to get in touch
  • Generate More Revenue
    Efficiently promote and sell records, tickets, and merchandise
  • Unlock Valuable Insights Easily
    Get to know your fans and what they love
Get Inspired

The Power of Live

Read more about some of our succes stories

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Check These Fresh Blogs

  • live-event-trends
    Oct 12, 2023

    5 Ways to Supercharge Your Sponsor Revenue with an Event App

  • live-event-trends
    Oct 12, 2023
    5 Ways to Supercharge Your Sponsor Revenue with an Event App

    Many festivals and events struggle with limited budgets and view an event app as an unnecessary luxury. Nothing could be further from the truth; an event app doesn't have to be a cost but rather an additional revenue stream. It adds tremendous value as a digital assistant for your attendees, and on the other hand, you have an extra tool to provide sponsors and partners with much more exposure and 'stage time.' If you convince your sponsors of this, they will be more than happy to pay for it, and you won't have to worry about your budget anymore. 75% of organizers who use a strong app manage to make more money with the app than it costs them. In fact, some festivals do so well that app revenue can cover a significant portion of their entire technology budget.

    Esmee Spaan
    Esmee Spaan, Product Marketer Ticketing

    Full Experience and Engaging with Your Fans

    Being digitally connected is the name of the game now, and your biggest fans are spending more and more time online. So, it just makes sense to bring your event into the online world as well. An awesome event app combines both online and offline to give your attendees the full event experience. Think about having your program, an interactive map, and direct interactions with your fans through push notifications. With an app, you're building a strong bond with your fans – before, during, and after the event. You're reaching right into their pockets with pre-sales and announcements. The numerous possibilities for year-round personal engagement will also catch the attention of your sponsors and boost your revenue.

    Tech and Data: More Opportunities for Sponsors

    An event app gives your fans a valuable tool that they use frequently. And with smart personalization and data insights, your event app can become a powerful tool for sponsors too. Sure, those big, colorful banners still have a visual 'wow' factor. A flashy 4-meter-tall banner definitely grabs attention at any event. But what's the exact Return on Investment (ROI) for a sponsor from that? While physical banners might make a big impact, an event app provides sponsors with precise data on how much traction their digital sponsorship is getting. Finally, you can provide sponsors with solid data. Clicks, views, time on page, and even conversions are measured in a real-time analytics dashboard. You can even offer the data collected from ticket sales and other interactions during the event. Send a ROI report to your sponsors for added value and a boost to your sponsorship deals.


    Smart Strategies for Brand Activation in Your Event App

    An event app opens up new and creative ways for your sponsors to engage with your fans. They get more personal and valuable visibility, and they can clearly see the ROI from their partnership. An event app is a goldmine of opportunities for sponsors. To give you a taste, here are 5 clever examples of how sponsors can activate their brand through your event app:

    1. Stand Out with In-Your-Face Visibility

    The home screen, the splash page of your app, is a clever move. The app is opened an average of about 14 times per user. Just imagine: 14 opportunities for your sponsor to stand out. If you use an interactive map during your event, make sure to include references to your sponsor in it. Among all the other Points of Interest (POIs), simply place the sponsor's logo at the physical location where they can be found. Sponsors can strengthen their on-site activation strategies through the app. We are increasingly seeing that sponsorship entails more than just having a booth at the event. By making online and offline work together, you can boost the return on investment (ROI).


    2. Add Branded Interactive Banners to Your Newsfeed

    According to many events already using an app, the newsfeed is the best way to communicate and connect with visitors. Especially when you offer valuable information, they keep coming back for the latest updates. Give sponsors space and attention in your newsfeed through banner ads. They're eye-catching and can be fully customized to match your sponsor's branding. This way, you can use the event app to highlight a sponsor or direct traffic to their Point of Interest (POI) on the premises. Moreover, a newsfeed is not influenced by algorithms like other social media platforms. You have full control over where and when you want to display banners or ads. Easy, right?


    3. Get Attention with Push Notifcaties

    With the event app, you can easily send push notifications to your visitors about the schedule or crowd conditions, for example. Push notifications are highly visible and reach users directly on their devices. For sponsors, this is a goldmine of user attention and an appealing method for brand activation. You can also offer fully branded and segmented push notifications if you're using our Customer Data Platform and Mobile Marketing Cloud in addition to the app. If your sponsor is physically present at your event, send a push notification to your attendees when they are near the sponsor's location, encouraging them to stop by for extra interaction.

    4. Host a Contest with In-App Campaigns

    How cool would it be to run a partner contest with your sponsor? Whether it's about free merchandise or complimentary drinks, you're creating opportunities to positively link visitors with your sponsor. You can use banners or push notifications to promote your contest. This way, app users are directed straight to your sponsor's location.

    5. A Dedicated Page in the App

    Alongside amazing content and exciting line-ups, create additional space for your sponsors in your app. Powerful tools include an overview of all your sponsors and dedicated pages that spotlight sponsors. This gives sponsors ample chances for storytelling and brand activation. Combine the sponsor page with the options mentioned above and offer an appealing sponsorship package with new and creative opportunities.

    Boost Your Revenue with Sponsors in Your Own Dedicated Event App

    With a fully branded event app, you enhance engagement with your fans and build your growing digital community. Expand your sponsorship opportunities with real-time analytics, data insights, and ample room for personalized brand activation. This way, you prepare your event for the future and boost your sponsorship revenue!

  • Jouw festival als eyecatcher
    Aug 27, 2023

    Your event as a showstopper: 7 futureproof trends to jump on

  • Jouw festival als eyecatcher
    Aug 27, 2023
    Your event as a showstopper: 7 futureproof trends to jump on

    In the overcrowded event industry, it's getting tougher to keep your ticket sales going strong. The competition is huge, and everyone's targeting the same audiences. Chances are that a festival with empty lineups and expensive tickets won't survive five years from now. Invest in your brand, innovate, and stand out – that's the only way to build a solid foundation for the future. We've got 7 trends for you to hop onto and make sure you're ready for what's to come.

    Esmee Spaan
    Esmee Spaan, Product Marketer Ticketing

    1. Be Real for Gen Z

    We all know it, Gen Z has become one of the most important target audiences for festivals. Yet, reaching them remains challenging. Gen Z has new and different needs that you should respond to. This generation has grown up entirely in the digital era and is primarily found online. Social media is a crucial communication channel for Gen Z. They are highly visually oriented, so you reach them with short and eye-catching videos. With an attention span of 8 seconds, speed is also a crucial focus point. The rise of fake news makes Gen Z critical and in search of transparency, authenticity, and sincerity. Build trust by sharing behind-the-scenes content and brand stories via WhatsApp and Instagram, as these channels truly rank first with this target audience.

    2. Stay Top of Mind

    After the whole coronavirus, there was a massive spike in ticket sales. Everything opened up again, and people wanted to do as much as possible, fearing new lockdowns. But things cooled down, and people started seeking other experiences beyond festivals. Now, with a lot of competition, fans are waiting longer to buy tickets. So, it's super important to keep them close, not just before your event, but all year round. Engage and boost brand loyalty. You can use email or social media, and Instagram Messaging is pretty impressive, with an 88% open rate and a 56% click-through rate.

    Even cooler is using an event app to create year-round engagement with your fans. Expand your customer journey and build a community around your festival. Share relevant and exclusive content through the app all year, so you stay top-of-mind until the next ticket sale starts. Keep your app users engaged, interact with them, and reward loyalty to see higher conversion rates.

    3. Teaming Up With Your Fans

    Figuring out your unique offering doesn't have to be a solo endeavor. For festival-goers, meaning and purpose matter more and more. They're not just looking for some music in a tent; they want a festival or sport event that connects and resonates with them. With the rise of the purpose economy, the shift from quantity to quality applies to the festival scene too. The entire economy of meaning makes quality more important than quantity, even in the festival scene. Build a strong bond with your fans and make future events even better by sending out a survey after the event. This way, you discover what they truly want to experience at your (sports) event.

    Don't work for your audience; work with them. Make it personal, ask for their input, and collaborate. This gives you inspiration and insight into their desires and needs. Ask, for example, who their favorite artists or players are, what they expect from an event, or why someone wasn't there for the last edition but was there the year before. What do you need to do to welcome fans again this year? Stand out by working together with your fans and offering a festival that is truly in demand.

    Work with your fans festival survey

    4. Back to the Drawing Board

    To stay effective, it's time to scrap all those existing plans and start fresh. Challenge yourself to see your event with new eyes. No more copy-pasting from the last edition – go back to basics. What are your goals? Who's your audience? What do they want? Design Thinking is how to design impactful events with experiences that truly resonate. From registration, matches and lineups to decor, communication, and follow-ups – make it all click. Find your unique offering to bring more visitors to your festival.

    5. Own the Data & Reduce Advertising Costs

    Engagement, community, personalization, and segmentation are key to making your (sports) event stand out. Data is crucial – we know that by now. But often, that data comes from third parties like Facebook or Google. Due to increasing privacy concerns, you're getting less information and can't target your marketing as effectively. The solution is transparently collecting your own data in a Customer Data Platform. Use smart tools, communicate openly with your fans, and own your data. Design specific campaigns for each audience segment, have impactful conversations with your fans and boost engagement and conversion. Think from your visitor's perspective and offer valuable communication.

    An added perk is that you can mostly cut out advertising costs you spend on third parties. Facebook's costs have increased as more brands compete for ad space, and these advertisements must be more impactful. Rather than shooting in the dark, go for personalized messaging. Own your data and stop pouring money into third-party pits. That's how you take your marketing to the next level.

    6. Activate New Revenue Streams

    In a world where money can only be spent once, cutting back often follows inflation. Festival ticket costs and on-site food and beverage expenses are rising, so offering a unique and essential event is more crucial than ever. Check out these 11 tips to boost your event's ticket sales. But, it's also time to create new income streams through an event app. Give sponsors more room for brand activation around your event. If you've got a unique brand, you'll attract more sponsors, and some might even buy extra sponsor space in your event app. You can use strong data collected from past editions, like product sales and demographic information, to find fitting sponsors you can easily persuade with data.

    Event app Dutch Grand Prix

    7. Sustainability Is a Must

    Where sustainability used to be a nice "feel-good" add-on to your event years ago, it's a must these days. The world is literally and figuratively on fire, and the effects of climate change are visible even in the Netherlands. Scarce resources and various challenges affect festivals too. The wishes of Gen Z and the growing importance of the purpose economy make sustainability even more important. Nowadays, 67% of event organizers say they consider sustainability a core part of their project plan. Solutions like cashless payments, digital tickets, and efficient system integration are ways to create a sustainable festival. It saves money and gives your visitors a better feeling.

    Are You Ready for the Future?

    If you want to stay relevant for five years, now's the time to catch the attention of festival-goers with a standout event. Build your authentic brand identity and stay top-of-mind. Use innovative tools to connect both online and offline experiences. Seize the opportunities of data, and make an impact with mobile marketing and your event app all year round. That's how you build a community in the crowded festival landscape and become the unique showstopper nobody wants to miss.

  • live-boost-your-ticket-sales
    Jul 26, 2023

    11 Ways to Boost Ticket Sales and Make Your Event a Sell-Out

  • live-boost-your-ticket-sales
    Jul 26, 2023
    11 Ways to Boost Ticket Sales and Make Your Event a Sell-Out

    It's no secret that selling tickets in today's current climate can be quite the rollercoaster ride, especially with inflation confronting event-goers with increased prices all over, making them more selective where they spend their disposable income. They also tend to make last-minute decisions making it harder to forecast event attendance well in advance. Not to mention fierce competition in the market. So, if you’re looking for fresh approaches to secure more sales, look no further. From utilizing new marketing channels to exploring creative and data-driven approaches and leveraging loyal fans and influencers, here are 11 creative ways to boost ticket sales.

    Esmee Spaan
    Esmee Spaan, Product Marketer Ticketing

    1. Harness New Marketing Channels

    While email marketing remains relevant, the oversaturation of promotional emails can lead to low open rates. So why not stand out by connecting with your audience directly through Instagram and Facebook marketing messages? The channels where younger generations are already spending hours scrolling. Send pre-sale alerts, updates, or facilitate in-chat ticket sales. By breaking through the noise, you can expect higher open rates, increased engagement, and a competitive edge.


    2. Send Reminders to Previous Visitors

    Unlock the potential of your Customer Data Platform and harness the power of data to identify the visitors of your past events. Start by exploring who might have pre-registered or attended your past events - or even engaged in other interactions like giveaways but haven't completed their purchase yet. Then, leverage this valuable insight to send targeted reminder campaigns, enticing them with incentives such as exclusive discounts or free upgrades to provide that final push toward sealing the deal.

    3. Launch a Referral Program

    Another way to boost ticket sales is through a referral program, encouraging your current ticketholders to share a referral link with their friends. When a friend purchases a ticket through that link, both the referrer and the new ticket buyer will receive exciting incentives, such as drink or food tokens, a VIP upgrade, or a chance for a free ticket next year. This word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool, as current ticket holders generate a natural buzz around your event, spreading the word and driving even more sales.

    4. Tap Into Your Loyal Fan Base

    Use the Customer Data Platform to identify your loyal customers by analyzing their interaction history, such as event attendance, app downloads, engagement, and send them personalized communication asking them to share promotions through their social channels. You could also leverage their ambassadorship by inviting them to share a referral link or code with friends and family, offering reduced prices or VIP tickets as incentives to shift even more tickets.

    5. Offer Giveaways and Incentivize Social Sharing

    According to the findings from a recent study, older attendees plan their events further ahead and younger age groups – on the whole – make more last-minute decisions. For example, only 11% of 16-24-year-olds purchase their ticket on the day, versus 22% of 25-34 year olds, and 18% of those aged 35-44. One way to ensure younger audiences buy tickets in advance is by creating exciting giveaways that require participants to promote your event on their social channels, leveraging their reach among Gen Z attendees. Incentivizing social sharing in this way also increases your event's online presence.

    6. Make Use of Influencers and Partners

    Since younger audiences consume most of their content on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, tapping into the power of social media influencers can help you promote your event. However, it's essential to partner with influencers who align with your brand and target audience. For example, you can ask the artists performing at your event to join in on the promotion efforts. This way, they can engage with their fans while helping you attract new eventgoers, amplifying your reach. Even after the event, you can continue using these influencers to showcase post-event highlights, creating a sense of FOMO that builds anticipation and generates buzz for your next event.

    7. Group Tickets for the Win

    One tried and tested method that can quickly uplift ticket sales by attracting more attendees is group tickets. As fans often come to events with friends, you could offer discounted rates for groups, such as “family tickets”, which would mean more sales for you - a win-win situation!

    8. Retarget Potentially Interested Eventgoers

    Don't let potential ticket sales slip away. Retarget visitors who have visited your ticket shop, website, or other pages but haven't converted for your next event by launching ads to remind them what's on the horizon. This will help create a sense of urgency and drive purchases. Online marketing tools such as GA4 and Meta Conversion API can assist you in this process. Just make sure your ticket provider integrates with these conversion tracking tools to save time and effort. Head over to our blog, which provides more information about conversion tracking.

    9. Optimize Your Ticketshop

    Any online purchase should be frictionless, otherwise, there’s more chance of you losing potential visitors. To achieve this, prioritize mobile optimization for your ticket shop and streamline the check-out process. Utilize tracking platforms like GA4 to identify areas for improvement, pinpointing where customers tend to drop off during the purchase process. By offering the right payment methods, requesting less information, or simplifying the ticket flow, you can ensure more successful transactions and eventually ticket sales.

    10. Use Post-event Momentum to Your Advantage

    Capitalize on your visitors’ post-event enthusiasm by offering pre-registration or super early bird discounts for the next year, keeping the excitement alive and securing future ticket sales. You could further engage attendees with exclusive perks, such as VIP upgrades and backstage experiences, rewarding their loyalty and encouraging repeat attendance.

    11. Stay in Touch, Year-Round

    Don't wait until the last moment to engage with your audience. Make sure you stay connected with your fans throughout the year, for example, through the app that most eventgoers have already installed. With this powerful tool, you can send push messages, share exclusive content, or conduct voting polls to shape next year’s lineup. By capitalizing on the energy and positive feedback, you can ensure the ongoing success and growth of your event. Fostering year-round engagement helps build a strong community and brand loyalty, making your event the first one that comes to mind when the next festival season starts.


    Ready to Elevate Your Ticket Sales?

    Boosting ticket sales comes down to a combination of creativity, data-driven insights, and engagement. At CM.com, we offer a comprehensive suite of event ticketing solutions, including a customer data platform, marketing automation tools, and an event app, which can help you boost your event’s ticket sales to a whole new level.

  • ticketing-blog-featured-instagram-messaging-en
    Jun 06, 2023

    Unleashing the Power of Instagram: Your Ticket to Winning Fans and Boosting Ticket Sales

  • ticketing-blog-featured-instagram-messaging-en
    Jun 06, 2023
    Unleashing the Power of Instagram: Your Ticket to Winning Fans and Boosting Ticket Sales

    In today's lightning-fast world, the quest to capture fans' attention and inspire lasting loyalty remains a key challenge for ambitious event organizers. Developing tactics to boost ticket sales and cut through the noise in this increasingly crowded industry can feel like an uphill battle. But what if we told you there's a game-changing secret to success? Prepare to breathe new life into your social media channels as you embark on a journey to connect with your fans like never before. Read on to discover how Instagram Marketing Messages can revolutionize your event strategy and help you get a competitive edge.

    Esmee Spaan
    Esmee Spaan, Product Marketer Ticketing

    Excite and Engage With Conversational Marketing

    Introducing conversational marketing: a pioneering approach to boost ticket sales, enhance the fan experience, and skyrocketing social media engagement. You can foster a stronger connection by offering personalized, real-time fan interactions. And with 24/7 contact on preferred channels, fans can access information whenever needed.

    Top-notch conversational marketing tools generate valuable data insights to tailor marketing strategies based on attendees' preferences and behavior.

    Supercharge Your Social Media Presence

    Let's face it, although email marketing is still very effective, it has lost some of its charm in recent years, and organic reach on social media is also declining. But fear not, social media remains a powerful platform to engage with your target audience, particularly through Instagram Messaging. In fact, while the average open rate for email is just 21%, Instagram Messaging offers a whopping 88% open rate and a 56% click-through rate!

    If that sounds good, you’re going to love the next bit. To complement your email communication, Instagram has levelled up with Marketing Messages! Event organizers can now send regular updates, promotions, and more to opted-in fans, right at the point when it will create the most impact. This feature meets your fans where they are, boosting conversion rates through personal, one-on-one conversations on their favourite channel—plus its mobile-friendly and privacy-conscious. It's a game-changer for generating buzz and engaging customers on an ongoing basis. Messages can be sent at different intervals and serve a variety of purposes, such as promoting deals and driving re-engagement.


    Extend your reach on Instagram beyond organic posts, which are only viewed by 10% of your followers.

    Maximize Upsell Opportunities, Minimize Sales Pitches

    Today’s fans, particularly the aforementioned Gen Z and Millennials, simply don’t respond to aggressive sales tactics. Conversational marketing offers a unique opportunity to upsell without the sales pitch, subtly promoting additional products or services without bombarding your customers with sales messaging. By building authentic relationships and delivering relevant content, you can create meaningful touchpoints that accelerate sales, deepen engagement, generate leads, and create loyal advocates.

    Did we also mention that this approach significantly reduces your advertising expenses? So, it's a win-win situation for both you and your fans.

    Get Personal

    Fans want to feel special, not just another face in the crowd or email on a subscriber list. So why not utilize the power of your customer data to create personalized messages and offers that align with each person’s needs?

    With Instagram Marketing Messages, you can instantly connect with your fans on a deeper personal level. Better still, all this valuable customer data can be stored securely and compliantly in our Customer Data Platform. The CDP consolidates all the data and creates unified customer profiles, so you can automate your marketing processes, including sending automatic pre-set messages through Instagram Messaging.

    This data gives you valuable insights into purchase history, patterns, and preferences so you can send fans unique codes, exclusive promotions, or even surprise discounts to show you value, understand them, and reward them for their loyalty.

    Say goodbye to generic ads and hello to meaningful interactions. Show your fans that you care about their needs, and watch their loyalty and engagement soar.


    Peak and Deploy at the Right Moments

    As you know, timing is everything in the event industry, so deploying fan communications at the right moment is key. You can boost ticket sales and enhance attendee engagement by strategically peaking through the appropriate channels, communicating at the optimal time, and keeping fans connected throughout the year. Here's how:

    Exclusive Content: Send out tantalizing content that builds anticipation and keeps fans hooked. Tease them with behind-the-scenes footage, artist interviews, or sneak peeks to generate excitement and create a sense of exclusivity.

    Pre-Registration Alert: Give visitors a heads-up about the opportunity to pre-register for the event. This creates a fear of missing out (FOMO) and allows them to secure their spot before ticket sales officially begin, fostering a sense of exclusivity and making them feel special.

    Ticket Sales: Build suspense and create a buzz by announcing the start of ticket sales. Make it an event in itself, emphasizing limited availability or early bird discounts to drive immediate action and ticket purchases. By integrating in-chat purchases, you simplify ticketing and offer a uniquely seamless transaction within the same conversation.

    Line-up Reveals: Generate excitement by gradually unveiling the event's line-up. Share artist announcements one by one, building anticipation and enticing potential attendees with a star-studded roster.

    Upsell Opportunities: Offer additional upsell opportunities, such as merchandise or VIP experiences, to enhance the event experience and increase revenue. Promote these exclusive offers to interested fans to maximize their engagement and create added value.

    Exclusive Event App: Provide fans with a link to your exclusive event app. The app can offer features like personalized schedules, interactive maps, and exclusive content, enhancing the overall event experience and keeping attendees engaged and informed.

    Backstage/Locker Videos: Share captivating backstage or locker room videos, giving attendees a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes action. This insider content fosters a connection between the event and its audience, creating a sense of involvement and excitement.

    Make Sure Your Events Are the Hottest Tickets in Town

    It’s time to supercharge your fan experience with Instagram Marketing Messages via CM.com! Build stronger relationships and personal connections with ease, using a platform your fans already know and love.

    Drive conversions and re-engage interested fans by sending them exclusive updates, discounts, and exclusive targeted offers. Don’t miss out on Instagram Marketing Messages! Upgrade your fan experience, fuel excitement, boost ticket sales, and gain a competitive edge today!

  • data-live
    May 27, 2023

    10 Reasons Why Event Organizers Should Centralize Data

  • data-live
    May 27, 2023
    10 Reasons Why Event Organizers Should Centralize Data

    Many event organizers have gold in their hands, namely data. And they get it completely free from their ticket sales and other interactions with their visitors. The only problem with data is that unless you have an efficient way of handling it, you won't be able to take advantage of the insight it provides. The first step to using it is to recognize the benefits it will bring - so keep reading and find out how data can elevate your event.

    Esmee Spaan
    Esmee Spaan, Product Marketer Ticketing

    Music event data can come in many forms. Ticketing software, app creation tools like Appmiral, social media, on-site systems, web analytics and more all have their share of the data collection mix. Typically, all of this data is stored independently of each other. But did you know there are tools to centralize all this data? In a Customer Data Platform, you can bring all your data together and find out who your audience really is. You can build effective customer personas based on actual behavior and preferences instead of anonymized data, and this brings a lot of benefits.

    1. Work More Efficiently and Save Time

    Probably one of the most obvious reasons, but having siloed, disparate data from different sources is very labor-intensive. If you centralize all that data, you no longer have to switch between all those platforms and you can create personas based on data from different sources. It takes some effort in the beginning, but eventually, you work more efficiently and save time.

    2. Not Being Dependent on Third Parties

    Many organizers rely on social media for their promotional activities, and while this can be effective it also has a lot of drawbacks. It's very expensive, it requires considerable skill and experience to set up, and it's a crowded marketplace where all the events are competing for the same audience at the same time. But most of all, your data belongs to Mark Zuckenberg instead of you. So, when he decides overnight to shut down the platform or change guidelines that impact your account, you've lost your entire fan base. When owning your data you can communicate 1-on-1, without a middleman.

    3. Sell Out Tickets Faster

    As you collect data from your previous events, you begin to build your fan base. This mass of data can be segmented by customer profile, behavior, preferred communication channel, and more. This allows you to send targeted promotions and messages that reach your audience at the time they are most receptive and with a message that appeals to them - making them more likely to convert and buy a ticket.

    4. Beat the Competition

    With a vast number of live acts currently on the road and more competition for live music visitors than ever, events are already challenging to promote effectively, so why to make it hard for yourself. Chances are your competitors send out a general newsletter to their entire audience and perhaps a few social media posts, not very impressive. But with your centralized data, you can create memorable targeted advertising and marketing campaigns that ensure you’re front of mind when consumers decide where to spend their money.

    5. Boost Loyalty of Engaged Visitors

    With a wealth of customer data stored in your CDP, you can quickly identify your most loyal and engaged fans through profile scores, e.g., based on the amount spent or the number of times they attended. You can then segment these valued customers as VIPs and reward them with offers and discounts to further drive their retention and loyalty.

    6. Drive Revenue With Cross-Selling

    Increase up-sell opportunities and cross-sell by providing your fans with specific value-added offers, such as a discount for the camping if they stayed their previous year, parking passes if they indicated they are coming by car, vouchers for food and drinks, or discounts for future events.

    7. Uncover Seasonal Trends

    Data and insights in ticketing are hugely valuable for forecasting. Uncovering seasonal trends and identifying critical periods where you may need to scale up your sales or marketing efforts to drive more sales is crucial for a healthy bottom line. Of course, dealing with busy periods doesn’t always mean you need to draft in more people; you can also use CM.com’s tools to rapidly scale up your customer service offering, for example.

    8. Measure the Performance of Promotional Efforts

    The opportunities provided by data are limitless but focusing on delivering the best experience for your attendees and ensuring that you learn lessons from the data means you’ll only make the same mistake once. Consistently reviewing and learning from your data is key to gaining a competitive advantage and the best way to do that is to ensure it’s well organized and easily accessible.

    9. Improve Next Editions

    By analyzing your data, you can also improve subsequent editions. By learning from your data, you will start to see which entertainment, F&B outlets, or performances worked and which were less popular. This way you keep learning and keep improving your event. A simple example is by looking in Appmiral's event app to see which artists were streamed the most, you can adjust your lineup. Or by analyzing your cash register data you can replace certain outlets, optime the inventory, or create a deal with a sponsor that proved popular last time around.

    10. Build Your Brand

    Stop thinking in editions. Consistency is king when it comes to brand messaging, and with the insights, you have stored in your CDP, you can create relevant year-round campaigns to keep the conversation going and expand your fanbase.

    Get in Touch

    So now that you are aware of the benefits, the next step is to start centralizing your data. But perhaps it still looks complicated. Luckily, we’re experts in organizing and using data effectively, so why not get in touch to discuss how we can help you use your data to make your business more successful. It doesn’t have to be a headache.

No Strings Attached

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In just 15 minutes, our team will get to know you and your ambitions. Together we will discover what solutions fit best!

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Kwaku Summer Festival

How Kwaku and CM.com managed to organize a cashless festival with 2,600 products and 100,000 tickets

Increasing Efficiency With an All-In-One Partnership

Until recently, cash was the most common payment method at the dozens of stalls, but Kwaku transitioned to a completely pin-only event. Kwaku already had experience with cashless payment systems, but to enhance efficiency, they opted for an all-in-one partnership with CM.com for ticketing and payments.

Selling From the Trunk

The origin of Kwaku is different from many other festivals. When Suriname became independent in 1975, many Surinamese people moved to the Netherlands. "During the summer holidays, they didn't go to France with a tent, but they visited each other," explains Frans de Vries. He is, along with three colleagues, a director-partner at Kwaku. "Eating, drinking, and playing games together was important. That children's soccer competition grew, and people began selling food from their trunk." In nearly 50 years, Kwaku has grown into a large and well-known festival in Amsterdam, "but the small vendors who want to earn something extra are still there. We make a great effort to keep the community engaged. Participation and culture are still important."

Pin-Only Is Easier, Safer, and Fairer

Kwaku wanted to keep the contribution of every vendor fair with the transition to pin-only. This eliminates differences between small and large sellers. Additionally, it's becoming increasingly common to only accept card payments at large events. It's more convenient and secure. The transition takes time, and Frans believes vendors are getting used to it. However, it's important to work with a system that is user-friendly for everyone. "CM.com, therefore, set up a user-friendly payment system," adds Rick Janse. Rick is the Key Account Manager for Music, Artists & Live at CM.com. To make the transition to pin-only easier for Kwaku, having an understandable payment system for the vendors is crucial. Rick explains how CM.com accomplishes this:

Each vendor receives their own card reader with a clear screen. With their unique login, they can handle everything from processing payments to checking their earnings. We also provide insights into what has been sold, so they can adjust their inventory for the following weekend. It's an intuitive system that works well for large and small vendors.

The Price of a Portion of Fried Chicken

In addition to the convenience for the vendor, the connection with the organization is also important. The organization needs insight into all payment flows, but a vendor doesn't need to see what their neighbor is doing. "And then we also have one vendor who charges ten euros for a portion of fried chicken, while another asks for 11 or 12 euros." This was a challenge, as explained by Rick: "Processing 2,600 products in a payment system is a lot. For comparison, it's more than 10 times the number at the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, which is the largest event in the Netherlands."

The Flexible Collaboration With CM.com Is Key for Kwaku.

Before the start, Rick and the CM.com team conducted as many tests as possible. "But with so many products and flexibility, not everything can be thoroughly tested in advance." Between July 15 and August 6, 2023, it was time. CM.com and the Kwaku organization worked hard to keep all vendors happy and improve the system. Rick said, "After each weekend, we evaluated and identified areas for improvement, which we immediately implemented for the following weekend."

This collaboration extends not only to the payment system, but also to Kwaku tickets and everything related to it. For about five years, CM.com has been handling ticketing for Kwaku. Many tickets are sold at the box office as well as online. This involves additional integrations with partners such as the Amsterdam City Pass. Therefore, it's essential to provide different financial flows related to ticketing intuitively for visitors. Frans added, "What I appreciate about CM.com is that they continuously communicate with us and address issues promptly. Looking back at the last edition, we learned much and made the most of the possibilities throughout the weeks."

Where Kwaku previously had to deal with different companies providing ticketing and payment solutions, Frans is pleased that everything now rests with CM.com.

This way, we can compare a lot of data side by side. It certainly provides us with more clarity for a fairer contribution from the vendors. But we can also see how visitors move around the venue. We gain insights into flows, which allow us to collaborate better with the vendors. If we notice that someone isn't doing well, we talk to that vendor to see if they could perhaps be better positioned elsewhere. This way, we can offer a better festival for every community

Continuing to Grow and Learn Together

Frans is looking forward to next year for an even better festival. "Before COVID-19, there were certainly 150,000 visitors, but last year, the number dropped due to four rainy weekends." Rick is enthusiastic: "Bring on those one and a half times more visitors! Together, we will continue to grow and learn."


A mix of personal collaboration with innovative technology

Loveland Events

Loveland started 25 years ago when Marnix Bal organized a pool party. “He was an artist and he organized parties and he turned that into a career,” says Mariëlle Hilgenga, marketing manager at Loveland Events. “We started as a foundation, but now we are one of the largest promoters in Amsterdam.” The small production team of 12 people organizes large scale events like Loveland Festival and Loveland van Oranje. “We’re talking about 75+ artists and 6 stages and we’ve organized 8 events at ADE this year.”

A Passionate and Experienced Team

"Marnix’s passion seeps through the company. As a result, the production process runs smoothly. Both Marnix and the production team have a lot of experience. We run a small company with employees who are strongly connected to our events. That is reflected in our top-notch lineups. The lineups are growing with us; young talents who started their career with us and who have grown to be famous artists.”

Know Who to Turn To
When you supply a lot of tickets for a major event, you need a reliable partner. For years now, Loveland has been working with CM.com to handle the ticket sales. Mariëlle: “Our ticket partner CM.com (formerly Yourticketprovider) values personal contact. As a result, we have 1-on-1 meetings regularly and our communication is effective. I know exactly who to turn to for specific issues and my contacts are always on standby at the start of an event to help us troubleshoot. They work hard and our communication is always pleasant.”

It Didn’t Work Out With Our Other Ticketpartner
A few years ago, Loveland tried to collaborate with another ticketing partner, but that didn’t work out. “That’s why we’ve partnered up with CM.com again. They give us a lot more attention and when we organize a new event, they brainstorm with us, and they support us actively. They are giving us tips and advice and they are regularly checking all settings instead of sending us a superficial response after a quick scan. They literally pick up the phone and walk us through it. Another ticketing partner isn’t as devoted.”

Hassle Free Takeover by CM.com

Last spring CM.com acquired Yourticketprovider. Mariëlle was somewhat shocked by that because she was content with the way things worked between the two partners. Mariëlle: “First I thought oh, such a big company! What will happen to the direct way of communication that I appreciate so much at Yourticketprovider? But we still have our own account manager and contacts. And we still do everything the way we used to do it. We just have more tools at our disposal.”

Major Challenges Due to COVID-19

Loveland Events was supposed to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. But since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, things started to look less promising. “There is no script for a situation like this. We had no experience with a pandemic whatsoever, and all of a sudden, we had to reschedule events. Loveland van Oranje had been sold out completely. We have postponed everything for one year. We’ve tried book the same artists, but we’ve also offered refunds.”

Fast Response From CM.com

In a short period of time, CM.com created a compensation tool providing several options like refunds and vouchers. That tool enabled organizers to communicate quickly and clearly with their visitors about postponed and canceled events. Loveland Events used the tool to refund tickets.

Disappointment When Restrictions Weren’t Lifted.

We all remember the moment when we thought events were allowed to welcome visitors again. “That was my biggest challenge. We all worked extra hard. I even worked in the evenings and weekends because we had to organize a festival in a short period of time. And then we all found out that it had to be canceled after all.” That was a huge disappointment for our Loveland team. “We are all determined to organize a fantastic event. Our reward is to be present at that event and to realize that you’ve contributed to its success. We haven’t had that for two years.”

SMS Message for Ticket Payments

Despite the setbacks in recent years Loveland Events prefers to look forward, so innovation is important. For example, Mariëlle added text messaging to the ticketing process. “I started using CM.com’s SMS tool for ticket payments. We used to send our visitors an email which they could use to pay the other 50% of their ticket. When that email remained unanswered, we did send a text message. We received a lot more responses to these text messages.” Mariëlle sees SMS as a smart way to reach people “But in this age of phishing, you have to think carefully if and how you want to use SMS. It works well for ticket payments. SMS is working nicely and is very user-friendly for both us and the visitors. Together with CM.com it was very easy to start using the SMS tool.”

Museumnacht Amsterdam

Museumnacht Amsterdam

Museumnacht Amsterdam combines online and offline for the ultimate visitor experience

Responding to the Needs of Younger Generations

Goal of Museumnacht is to attract younger generations to museums and let them experience that these are also a place for them. During this night, they can visit 60 museums that offer a special program with workshops, music, and more. To align the online experience with this, they work with CM.com.

Bringing Museums Closer to the World of Young Generations

Jordy, project leader at Museumnacht Amsterdam, sees a mainly facilitating role in getting younger people into the museum. Museums determine their own program that resonates with the target audience. "Hopefully, museums can build a long-lasting relationship and young people will return more often." Museumnacht started in 1999 and has grown into an annual sold-out event with around 30,000 tickets. Selling out each year is only possible by continuously tapping into the experiences of young people. In this digital world, they aim to keep innovating. Museumnacht found a partner in CM.com that helps with this.

The Experience Starts at the Queue

Museumnacht chose a broad package of CM.com solutions. Jordy explains why: "This way marketing, communication, branding, pre-sale and regular sales are completely connected." For Jordy, it's pleasant to work with because all ticketing is visible in one organized environment, and he can manage both data and communication in the same system. "In the past, we worked with exports and imports, but now I no longer have to worry about the risks of using different systems.

We have a short one-hour pre-sale for which we send an SMS to our contacts via Mobile Messaging. After that hour, we move on to the regular sale. Everything within Ticketing is branded, including the waiting area. There's now a video with a message saying you'll be up in a few minutes. The experience starts in the queue, so it's great that we can handle this already right in the CM.com ticketing system.

App for the Ultimate Visitor Experience

Museumnacht also uses the event app, where all information about the event is available in one place, on the mobile phones that the visitors always carry with them. This turns out to be effective. Jordy says, "We aimed for 10,000 downloads, a coverage rate of 1 in 3, so that someone in each group of visitors would have the app. But in the end, it was downloaded 15,506 times." In the app, Museumnacht provides the complete program, information pages for each museum, and a newsfeed, among other features. During the night itself, they mainly used the newsfeed and push notifications as a means of communication.

Geo-Based Push Messages and Crowd Control

For a large event like Museumnacht, with 60 different museums participating, big and small, crowd control is an important element. Crowd Connect, an integration with Appmiral (the event app), makes this much easier, according to Jordy. "When a museum becomes too crowded, we send push notifications to visitors near the museum to indicate that it's full. We can track this through Crowd Connect. It has worked very well, and we also see that these notifications are read promptly."

Crowd Connect is useful not only for managing crowd density but also for informing people about specific workshops or small events starting. Museumnacht uses it to inspire visitors to explore smaller museums nearby. "For example, we send a geo-based push notification to visitors near the Stedelijk Museum, suggesting that there are more beautiful locations to explore than just the biggest museum."

Scanning at 60 Locations

Museumnacht faces an additional challenge. While festivals often have one entrance, this event has no less than 60 entrance locations. "We also have multiple types of tickets, for example, for daytime and evening. Additionally, not everyone is allowed to enter the opening freely. That makes it quite complex."

CM.com provided 2 hardware scanners per location, integrated with the ticketing software so that visitors could start their visit at each location. "Our 500 volunteers were supported by the CM.com team to assist if needed, which was very helpful."

Easy to Work With the Latest Tools

Museumnacht chose CM.com because, according to Jordy, "there are a lot of options, and they keep innovating." Additionally, user-friendliness proved to be a significant advantage for him. "The people at CM.com are approachable and direct. Their helpfulness is excellent. It's always a bit of a search when you start working with a new tool, but the onboarding process was very smooth. They really guide you through it."

Jordy is also enthusiastic about the interim contact during the ticket sales. "CM.com has a young team that understands what our target audience looks like. It's very reassuring that when I reach out for help, they immediately get what I'm talking about."

More Personalization Is the Next Step

Jordy and his team have many plans. "I want to have more personalized contact with visitors. For example, I'm thinking of segmenting based on Amsterdam city districts, providing information about the visitor's route, and approaching a loyal visitor differently from a new visitor."

They also want to communicate through new channels. "For example, using WhatsApp." Improving the way, they gather visitor feedback and connecting more information to visitor profiles is also important for Jordy. "This way, we can better cater to the needs of visitors. The possibilities are there; now it's up to us to make use of them."


How CM.com and Révolt are growing together by bridging the gap between tech and the event industry.

Ticketing Provider That Gets the Changing Event Industry

For a few years, Révolt Events has worked with CM.com. Aziz Yagoub from Révolt says, "My partners at CM.com know what I need as an event organizer; they think along with me. More and more innovative possibilities are coming up that help me as an organizer, and we expect a lot from the future."

Quick Communication and an Equal Organization

Révolt organizes summer festivals and indoor events in Rotterdam and surrounding areas, such as Expedition, REC., Vrije Volk, and Kralingse Bos Festival. Meanwhile, they have been working with CM.com for a few years. "Everyone is so approachable. We are an equal organization, not hierarchical, and I see that at CM.com as well. They are all cool, young, social people who know the event industry well. It's nice when your ticketing partner has your back. I appreciate that enormously". Aziz's colleague Phuong Anh Ho adds: "They are helpful. If I can't work something out, I know they will take care of it."

Interpreter Between Tech and Events

"A few years back, CM.com invested in colleagues who have been in the event business for years, bringing in the right knowledge and experience. That is a good thing! After all, SMS and ticketing are two completely different worlds, and I need a ticketing partner who knows what the event industry needs." says Aziz. "An interpreter who, on the one hand, translates tech for me into understandable language and how I can best deploy it. But on the other hand, I can also pass on wishes that the industry has, which they put out internally. In this way, CM.com continues developing the products and connecting better and better with the market."


Besides festivals, Révolt also has venues such as Perron, Citrusveiling, and Annabel. They notice visitors are now ready to party, as was evident when they reopened with the pop podium, Annabel. Phuong: "That was a bit of a roller coaster. Five hundred people were looking for tickets immediately. The CM.com dashboard refreshes every ten seconds to see exactly how the sales are going. How many people have a ticket in their basket or are in the shop. You can see in real time how successful your campaign is. From this information, we get a lot of insights for future events."

From 0 to 200

During the corona pandemic, the entire event industry came to a standstill for two years. "Now we have to go from 0 to 200 in one go". Aziz notes that this year will be a bit crazy. "Before 2020, the event industry was pretty saturated; it was a difficult market to enter. But because of all the developments, it's completely redesigned." Digitization, refunds, and vouchers have shaken the industry. Aziz says the public has many tickets in their pockets from all vouchers issued over the past two years. "Those tickets are all being redeemed now. We were big fans of refunds instead of vouchers. Through CM.com, we could easily refund our visitors. That's an advantage." Who got which ticket refunded is all stored in the Customer Data Platform. So now Révolt can easily approach these visitors with a new offer. This, in turn, saves us on marketing costs. And as for the industry, Aziz expects it to get back on its feet. "It will all resolve itself. We're going full steam ahead."

Digitalization on the Rise

With the cancellation of events in 2020 and 2021, event organizers had to get creative and find other solutions. The added value of digitization gained momentum. Phuong gives an example: "During the protest action 'De Nacht Staat Op' we had to close at 2 o'clock by order of the municipality. Aziz gave a nice speech at the time in which he indicated how disappointed we were and that we were going to compensate the visitors. We had scanned tickets and were able to find out who had been there. We sent those visitors a text message with an offer for another evening or weekend."

Data for Marketing

"We are not only working with CM.com because of the great cooperation. We also find it very convenient that they can facilitate data gathering and mobile marketing. If you combine these two well, it makes a difference in other costs and expenses. For example, we have stopped outdoor advertising and are focusing on data collection to communicate more 1-to-1 with our visitors, for example, through WhatsApp. I'm very much a fan of modernization, and CM.com offers that." Aziz mentions a voice campaign as an example of combining services. "We recorded a voice message together for an ADE event. All visitors received a phone call to get into the vibe. I voiced it and called out: get together."

Your Branding & Design

Next year, Aziz and Fufu want to focus even more on WhatsApp messaging and customize the look and feel of the communication more. "We want to provide all visitors with good information. But when they get a ticket, everything still looks pretty standard. At CM.com, you can design everything yourself with a drag & drop editor, from emails to the ticket shop and from ticket layouts to landing pages. We will adapt that more into our corporate identity to get everyone into the event's mood."

Full Speed Ahead

Phuong also sees many opportunities in CM.com's marketing flows. You can use them to reach visitors with the right message at the right time, via SMS, email, phone, or other channels. "I would find it very cool if we could keep someone who has purchased a ticket informed with an automatic but personalized flow. That's efficient for us but especially nice for the visitor! The CM.com platform is user-friendly, and all customer data is already there. So, I'm going to start working on that soon. We will train our colleagues to get much more out of our ticket data and approach our visitors more personally." Again, Aziz emphasizes: "Full steam ahead."


The lively cultural village in the heart of Amsterdam uses technology to augment their visitors’ experience.

Beginning of a new era

2022 marks the beginning of an exciting new era for 100+-year-old cultural landmarkWestergas: they are taking event organization into their own hands. Technology partner CM.com enables them to augment visitor experience withpersonalized communication, seamlessticket sales & cashless payments.

Lively Cultural Village in Historic Buildings

Originally built in 1880 as a gas factory, Westergas was transformed over the years into a lively cultural village. This began to take shape when adventurous entrepreneurs and artists discovered these unique buildings as home bases for their businesses in the early 1990s. In the following years, the historic site was renovated, but the buildings never lost their industrial character, which is the recognition of this vibrant place in the heart of Amsterdam. Today, the Westergas is known as a colorful meeting point for everyone, offering a variety of places, including bars, galleries, a theater, TV studios, and more.

Organizing Their Own Events

One of the most iconic buildings on site, The Gashouder, is rented by many festivals, concerts, and events, such as The Edisons (Dutch pop awards) and Awakenings (dance event). But this year, Westergas also decided to promote their own events.

One of the main reasons is that looking into the future, Westergas has a strong mission for its social responsibility. They want event programming to be diverse and future-proof. Dave van Dalen, Commercial Manager, explains,

Organizing our own events means we have a unique opportunity but also a big responsibility. We need to ensure that Westergas stays a place where creativity, diversity, and freedom are celebrated

Building a Fanbase

So with Westergas starting to host their own events, they also needed a reliable ticketing partner. More importantly, they needed software to reach their audience directly with promotions for their upcoming events, especially since they didn't want to be completely dependent on third parties. However, due to the original rental nature, they did not yet have a customer base. With the Customer Data Platform (CDP), Westergas is now able to collect its fans' data from various sources (e.g., ticket sales), build a solid fan base, and effectively reach them through their preferred channel (e.g., SMS, WhatsApp, or email).

Reinventing the Visitors’ Experience

The CDP allows Westergas to create fan profiles based on the preferences and behaviors of their visitors, such as their favorite artists, concerts they have attended, and more. This allows them to create personalized experiences. Dave is excited about the new possibilities:

With CM.com, we can get to know our visitors on a personal level and serve them the information they are looking for.

Personalized information can take many forms, for example, new programming sent to people who have shown previous interest in that artist, Friends & Family discounts, or practical information about a concert for visitors who have purchased tickets for that day. This prevents chaos upon arrival, which has a positive effect on the visitor experience but is also beneficial for Westergas itself.

Front Runner in the Industry

By reinventing the mobile visitor experience, Westergas is a leader in a relatively traditional area of the leisure industry. Westergas understands that especially to attract younger, mobile-focused generations, you need to innovate and digitize continuously. Tom de Louw, Partnership Manager, believes that the digital journey will become increasingly important for visitors to stay future proof. "We embrace technology and are constantly looking for ways to improve the live experience for our visitors. By weaving together interaction before, during, and after an event, we can create the perfect customer experience."

Reliable Tech Partner

Westergas has ambitious goals but is not a tech company. They don't have an in-house developer to write software, so they partnered with CM.com. As a tech partner for other large-scale events, CM.com was a reliable option for Westergas, and Tom talks enthusiastically about their partnership,

Our contacts at CM.com are there to help create the ultimate experience by giving advice based on their learnings, guiding us through the platform, and being there for questions.

Furthermore, because CM.com provides one platform for all the products Ticketing, CDP, Messaging Channels, Cash Register) needed, Westergas no longer has to switch between different systems, allowing them to work efficiently, save time and focus on upcoming top-notch events.

Use Case: 'The Opposites'

One of the first events organized by Westergas was a concert series by The Opposites. This Dutch rap duo retired in 2014 but made a comeback in May 2022.

The concert series was popular; 10,000 tickets were sold for three concerts. However, the interest was almost triple that amount, measurable due to pre-registration.

During the series, SMS campaigns were launched, a customized ticket shop was set up, and with a voice campaign, the duo hyped their fans. This buzz contributed to an ultimate (mobile) fan experience. Curious? Click on the button below!

Demo (in Dutch)

The Zoo Events

Managing Vouchers & Refunds With Compensation Tool

The Zoo Events

The Zoo Events has been collaborating with CM.com for years. Their system is easy to use, and the lines of communication are kept short. The Zoo Events is using CM.com’s compensation tool which makes it extremely easy to manage vouchers and refunds.

Sell as Many Tickets as Possible

“Every morning I’m checking the app to see how we are doing on ticket sales for festivals. It shows me immediately what needs to be done and if it’s going to be a busy day.” The Zoo Events organizes roughly twenty festivals per year. Romy de Jong manages the marketing of half of them. “The Zoo Events has seven different subsidiaries which means that our own name isn’t very well known. But the festivals that we organize are famous, like Central Park Festival, Lief Festival and Sneeuwbal Festival.”

Romy’s goal as a marketeer is to sell as many festival tickets as possible. “In order to accomplish that, it is very important to have access to a good dashboard to monitor the status of ticket sales. The CM.com app provides a perfect overview. I can also use the app to send out guest list tickets. I like working with the app because you must make life as easy as possible, right?!”

Festivals Are Canceled

In the last two years, we were all dealing with events that had to be canceled. “When we found out that we had to cancel our festivals, we informed our visitors through social media and our newsletter. We could only inform them about the cancelation, but we couldn’t give any details about refunds, vouchers etc. That’s why I contacted CM.com immediately, to see what we could do to inform and refund our visitors properly.”

Vouchers and Refunds

Many tickets had been sold by The Zoo Events for seven different festivals like Geheime Liefde and Crazy Sexy Cool. Obviously, we had to do something about that. Romy: “We needed a tool to manage tickets, vouchers, and refunds. I’ve asked CM.com if they would be able to help us, and they were.”

CM.com developed a flexible compensation tool with various options. It made it possible for organizations to give their visitors a choice. They could choose between a voucher for the next edition, a refund, or they could convert the tickets into a donation to the event organizer. Many visitors who purchased tickets at The Zoo Events, opted for a voucher for the festival’s next edition. Romy: “It is wonderful that the compensation tool was completed within such a short period of time. The tool made the whole process much easier for us and it saved us a lot of time. Now it only takes me two clicks to see what our refund budget is, and how many vouchers we’ve sent to our visitors.”

The Zoo Events Has Been a Customer From the Very Beginning

A few years back, The Zoo Events acquired Xsense. That company happened to be CM.com’s first customer. Romy says that The Zoo Events then chose CM.com to be the ticket partner of all their subsidiaries. “I personally like the fact that I just have to pick up the phone to speak directly to someone who can answer my questions immediately. I sometimes even speak with my contacts at CM.com more frequently than with my own friends. It is great to have these short communication lines.”

Romy is checking everything several times before a ticket sale starts. “I am extremely careful. The staff at CM.com is very understanding and they help me with that. The system is 100% user-friendly and I can easily fill in most fields, but it’s always nice to have someone who’s offering suggestions.”

Together We Made the Tool User-Friendly

The Zoo Events is partly responsible for the fact that CM.com’s system is so user-friendly. Romy and her colleagues have been giving feedback which has been used to improve the tool. “A while ago, my contact person at CM.com asked me if I had any ideas for the app. I replied that I would like to use the app to send out tickets. So, they have built that option and it’s working perfectly well.”

Keep Innovating

It’s obvious that The Zoo Events is constantly looking for innovation. According to Romy working with CM.com provides many opportunities. “I’m glad I have my my own contact person and I’m curious to see what the tool of CM.com can provide more. I think I already saw an organization that works with SMS. That could be helpful to redeem the vouchers we’ve issued. I’m interested to see how we can use all that when covid restrictions are lifted and we are allowed to organize events again. I’m looking forward to that.”