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More Than a Ticketing Partner

As Event Supporter of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, teamed up with the Dutch Grand Prix to provide the best fan experience via many of our products and services.

Imre van Leeuwen, Director at Dutch Grand Prix: “We were looking for more than a specialised ticketing partner. A partner that could help us optimise our ticketing process and create a superior fan experience. offers us both, which makes our partnership so successful”. In this article we will explain step-by-step how we have contributed to the success in the run-up to the F1 Dutch Grand Prix. and DGP Optimised Ticket Sales

To optimise the ticketing process of the Dutch Grand Prix, we started by setting up a preregistration for tickets. The pre-registration was necessary because demand was greater than supply. 

To achieve the best customer experience for the customers of the Dutch Grand Prix, we set up our Mobile Marketing Cloud as well.’s Mobile Marketing Cloud is an omnichannel customer engagement solution built for B2C marketers. 

The beating heart of the Mobile Marketing Cloud, is our Customer Data Platform (CDP). Here all the customer data for the Dutch Grand Prix is stored in order to provide the best customer experience.'s Mobile Marketing Cloud used for the Dutch Grand Prix

Preregistration Process to Prevent Fraudulent Applications

The pre-registration data was also directly registered in the CDP. There, it was filtered with several authentication steps to prevent fraudulent applications. 

This was an important requirement of the Dutch Grand Prix: preventing tickets ending up on the black market for up to three times the original price, which would have caused fans to miss out on tickets. We're happy that we met this requirement, as more than 11% of the pre-registration requests were blocked because they were fraudulent.

Dutch Grand Prix Enriches Customer Data

The Dutch Grand Prix used the CDP from the start. Because of this, it now holds over ten million data points that are aggregated into over 300,000 customer profiles.

Too much data to handle?

Not with our extensive segmentation options. A clever way to set up highly personal marketing campaigns. For example, to decide who you want to send which email.

Email campaigns

Personalised and Automated Email Campaigns

Talking of emails, our Mobile Marketing Cloud also contains Email Campaigns. The Dutch Grand Prix used this tool to easily design, automate and analyse emails.

This enabled them to send automatically triggered emails based on certain actions of fans or certain time frames. For example, an email was automatically sent when the pre-registration for tickets ended and when the ticket sales started. 

Using the Race Engineer at Circuit Zandvoort’s Chatbot: The Race Engineer

To aid fans in every step of their journey, we created the technology behind the Race Engineer for the Dutch Grand Prix. This specific chatbot was made especially for the Dutch Grand Prix and runs on WhatsApp.

The Race Engineer was designed to answer questions about travelling to and from the event, such as:

  1. How can I reach the Dutch Grand Prix?

  2. What means of transportation is best?

  3. What's the fastest way out of the circuit?

The Race Engineer & Mobile Service Cloud

On the day of the race, the chatbot could be used to answer frequently asked questions.

If the bot could not answer a question,’s Mobile Service Cloud made it possible to hand over the conversation to a human customer care agent. Mobile Service Cloud is a platform from where all conversations can be managed: whether they started via a bot or a messaging channel like WhatsApp. This allows customer care agents to easily respond to all incoming messages and hand over conversations to the right teams without losing track of the conversation.

All conversations with the chatbot are automatically stored in the CDP, to enrich the customer profiles. The CDP is the beating heart of the Mobile Marketing Cloud, where all customer data and interactions are stored, just like the ones with the chatbot. This enables marketers to easily segment customers by filtering on certain demographics or actions, like ‘everyone who started a conversation with the Race Engineer’.

Dutch Grand Prix & Circuit Zandvoort

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