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Collect customer feedback with WhatsApp Business

Customer feedback is a vital part of any business and provides an essential point of contact between the buyer and the seller. However, obtaining good quality feedback can have its obstacles. Giving and collecting information in traditional customer surveys can often take time and effort for consumers and businesses.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

In an age of mass social media and instant communication, email marketing has gone from being an innovative means of spreading your company's message to a source of inconvenience for many people. While email continues to be one of the most profitable channels for almost any eCommerce business, it’s also true that messages sent to our inboxes from companies asking for feedback can often come across as generic, cold, and impersonal.

This is where WhatsApp Business comes in. Instead of firing out surveys that, let's face it, very often get ignored, deleted, or sent directly to the spam folder, WhatsApp Business gives you direct access to the customer to enhance the quantity and quality of the feedback sent to you.

We'll talk about quality in a second, but the figures speak for themselves in terms of engagement. Recent statistics show that two billion people across the globe use WhatsApp every month, making it, by far and away, the most widely used mobile messenger app in the world. You're also more likely to get an answer, with research showing that 90% of people respond within 30 minutes of receiving a message on their phones.

whatsapp business customer feedback

Automated WhatsApp Templates

WhatsApp Business has a crucial advantage over run-of-the-mill surveys not just in terms of overall engagement but also because it gives people the opportunity to provide you with clear and understandable information about their user experience in a fraction of the time that it would take them to fill out a traditional online questionnaire.

Via the use of automated WhatsApp templates, you, as a business owner, can send out short, sharp questions that the customer can respond to quickly without having to answer any emails or click on any links to external websites. In this way, the responses you receive are automatically distilled into crucial information for you. You can free yourself from the pain of sifting through lengthy surveys to make sense of what your customers tell you.

Get Started With WhatsApp for Customer Feedback Collection

Here at, we make it easy for brands to get started with using WhatsApp Business to optimise customer feedback about your product and services, providing you with a unique opportunity to transform a simple WhatsApp message into a rich channel of communication between you and the people who make your business tick.

Start gathering feedback via WhatsApp today

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Start gathering feedback via WhatsApp today

Contact us More WhatsApp use cases
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