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Why you should automate your mobile marketing

That you’re even considering automating your mobile marketing is a good thing. First of all, the fact that you see mobile marketing as a distinct stream of your marketing activity means you’re taking it seriously. And you should: UK adults spend nearly four times as long online on smartphones as they do on computers according to Ofcom’s Online Nation 2021 report.  Secondly, that you’re interested in the concept of automation means you’re looking to create efficient, effective mobile marketing campaigns at scale and speed, which means you see the untapped potential of mobile marketing automation. 

While the word automation is often seen as a shift away from a personalised, individual approach, the reverse is actually true. To create campaigns that talk effectively to your individual customer personas, demographics and psychographic groups would take a very large team of marketers and data scientists a very long time indeed. 

Just ensuring your customer data is clean and properly segmented is a job function in itself, without then producing your campaign strategy, and then donning your creative hat to produce multiple campaign messages that are laser-focused on individual audience segments. 

Then, of course, you need to consider the sheer volume of mobile messaging channels available to you. Which ones to focus on, how to keep your messaging consistent, and then how to distribute your efforts across them to ensure your customers all receive their personalised messages on their preferred channels. If that sounds like a walk in the park to you, then you don’t need us. 

If, however, that sounds like several jobs itself and the sort of thing that has you waking at 4am in a cold sweat, then it’s probably time you gave mobile marketing automation some thought. 

Let’s quickly list out some of the benefits of automating your mobile marketing:

  • You can automate everything: messaging, customer segmentation, personalisation and even analytics. 
  • Time-consuming routine processes like data filtering and customer segmentation can be fully automated, creating clean, complete data sets and segments in seconds. 
  • You can manage large quantities of customer data effectively. Using a Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can access vast swathes of customer data at the press of a button and filter it quickly according to your needs.
  • You can reduce time to market, allowing your marketing campaigns to be created quickly to capitalise on newsworthy events, for example.
  • You can push out your campaigns to multiple channels simultaneously with no extra effort, delivering your marketing message to users on the channels they prefer.
  • You can A/B test more effectively and automate the results, meaning the best performing campaigns will automatically be surfaced and lesser performing treatments removed. 
  • You can personalise your campaigns to a far greater degree than using manual methods. Multiple combinations of text and multimedia can be created and rolled out to specific segments of your customer database rapidly. 
  • Crucially, you can scale campaigns quickly and efficiently as your data sets and customer segments grow. 

The ability to take individual customer or potential customer data and create specific, bespoke marketing campaigns that talk directly to consumers about the pain points they’re experiencing during particular business periods is invaluable. Relevance is the key to making your marketing messages convert and automation is the key to delivering that personalisation. 

Ultimately, automation removes a huge chunk of the human effort involved in marketing activities, allowing you to run multi-layered marketing campaigns with minimal effort, to A/B test, and even remove the need to constantly monitor campaign performance. has all the tools you need to effectively automate your mobile marketing so that you can spend the time doing the things that really move the needle for your business.
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