Housing in a virtual world

The way people buy, sell and rent property is changing. Automate your business and get ready for the housing revolution.

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Housing for a customer-centric age

Enquiry stage

Enquiry stage

During the enquiry stage potential customers will have lots of questions. Automating responses with a chatbot can engage with prospective customers and take the load off your busy customer service team.

The purchase

The purchase

Making the contract signing process as painless and seamless as possible is one way to ensure you’re not the cause of any hold up, or the reason for the buyer or vendor backing out. CM.com’s Sign solution allows you to manage digital signatures effectively.



Communication post-move is key. Residents are likely going to have questions and complaints when they first move in, so ensuring you're available when they need you helps create a smooth customer experience and increases brand advocacy.

The housing tech revolution

No industry is immune to technological advances, but housing appears to have been comparatively slower to adopt new trends. This is changing! Proptech is gaining momentum and changing the way we buy, sell, and interact with our properties. 

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sign platform

Digital Signing for Real Estate and Housing

Thanks to Sign you can let your real estate customers sign a contract whenever and wherever they want. 

New generations want to be able to sign at any time using any device and channel, including WhatsApp. As an agent you want signed contracts back quicker.  

Sign is a simple, easily implementable solution...

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    Immediately improves efficiencies and turnaround

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    Invoicing based on results: only pay for a fully signed document

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    All documents are 100% secure and legally binding

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Housing Association guide

Transforming housing for a customer-centric age

Housing associations may not exist in quite the same space as online retailers, for example, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t strive for high standards of customer service.

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Deliver personalised customer engagements

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