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See up-to-date customer order data, across all communication channels right next to the conversation.

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Supercharge Customer Profiles

Customer service agents don’t have the time to look up data in other systems. We offer agents a rich 360° customer profile that appears next to the conversation across all communication channels.

  1. Connect any CRM, ERP, CDP, or eCommerce platform

  2. Customize the personal data fields in the customer profile

  3. Show orders, bookings, repairs, or other transaction details

  4. Create multiple platform integrations, incl. offline POS

Unlock More Features

Sales Features

When a customer makes a purchase from a service conversation, we send a ‘win message’ and attribute the revenue to this agent.

Enriched Reporting

Gain deeper insights into sales conversions and average order values per agent, team, channel, or topic.

Powerful Search

In addition to finding conversations based on customer data or keywords, agents can also lookup past orders.

Conversation Retrieval

Automatically retrieve all conversations from Mobile Service Cloud when you open a contact in your CRM.

Integration Mobile Service Cloud

Integrate With Any Platform

Our open API allows you to integrate any CRM, ERP, CDP, or eCommerce system with your Mobile Service Cloud. We also have no- and low-code integrations on the shelf to get you off to a flying start.

Benefits of Mobile Service Cloud Integration

Personalized Conversations

Agents can instantly recognize customers, their lifetime spends, preferences, order details, previous conversations, and more.

Boost Productivity

Agents don’t need to look up data in other systems. Relevant and up-to-date data is shown right next to the conversation on every channel.

Resolve Issues Faster

Customers don't like to wait. Help them as quickly as possible. No need to ask repetitive questions when all data is at hand.

Stimulate Conversions

By sending agents ‘win-messages’ and showing sales stats, you are turning your customer service team into a sales team.

Gain Deeper Insights

By measuring sales and return values per service interaction, you gain deeper insights into the value your service team delivers.

Low Code Integrations

shopware integration mobile service cloud
magento integration mobile service cloud
Shopify integration mobile service cloud
lightspeed integration mobile service cloud
salesforce integration mobile service cloud

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Personalize your Mobile Service Cloud to your needs. Implement integrations with our API. Learn more or discuss the possibilities with one of our experts.

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