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Learn how's conversational commerce solutions helped Cash for Gold USA grow their customer base by 150% in 2020.

A local business with global aspirations

A local business with global aspirations

As one of the first businesses in its space, Cash for Gold USA had big ambitions. Founded in 2005 they evolved rapidly, building a reputation as a trusted gold exchange service. It was critical that they set themselves apart from unethical businesses and that customers could be assured of their credibility throughout every interaction.  

Norm Schneider, founder of Cash for Gold USA: “Our biggest challenge has always been instilling confidence in the customer. Every customer touchpoint we have matters. They need assurance we’re a legitimate operation, that offers a reliable service, sound advice, and a good return.”

Build Trust With Personalised Messaging

When Cash for Gold USA started life 15 years ago, Norm and his team were comfortable only using email to connect with customers. But as the business grew, and their sales and communications processes became more complex, they needed a more robust strategy and tools to support them. They also wanted to partner with a software vendor that they could build a relationship with and get to a level of self-service where they wouldn’t need to spend time and money on development. “Email is a great communication channel, but we wanted to offer a full choice to our customers. For some people, text can feel like a more conversational channel – it’s comfortable and familiar. And for some, email can be very formal, and we felt it wasn’t always consistent with our tone of voice.”

After researching the market, Norm consulted with the team at to find the best way to solve’s communication challenges and prepare them for the future. recommended Mobile Service Cloud and Mobile Marketing Cloud stack as the ideal solution. The text messaging service alone meant that Cash for Gold USA could instantly send personalized information, confirmations, and updates to the customer and get proof of delivery within seconds.

A Direct Channel Between Business and Customer

A Direct Channel Between Business and Customer

“We expected to see an improvement in results over time, but the customer response was incredibly positive, right from the start. Text messaging gave our customers a direct channel to our business. It felt like more of a conversation, rather than a series of information snippets.” 

Cash for Gold USA knows that offering customers a range of options is integral to providing a great digital experience. They still offer the choice of email communications to their customers, but when a customer requests an appraisal, they encourage them to opt into text. 

From 20,000 to 50,000 Customers

Over three months of personalised support, the team helped Cash for Gold USA develop workflows, create templates, and automate and customise the customer journey for a bevy of their businesses that also included Diamonds USA a luxury diamond brokerage house, and Cash for Silver USA, a platform allowing customers to liquidate silver coins and sterling silver flatware. Cash for Gold USA had the freedom to tweak things themselves without developers, so they could self-serve and save a significant amount of time and money.

“The ongoing support from has been invaluable. We’ve grown from 20,000 to 50,000 customers in a single year! 2020 has been the best year ever, in terms of revenue and customer growth, and much of this success is due to the products and team at 

“We are looking forward very much to seeing where the partnership goes in the future. We have now tied our CRM directly to the email platform, which helps the team communicate more effectively. Plus, we can track progress more easily. We have a cohesive communication channel where we can build the trust that is so important to our business. All our customer information is at our fingertips - just where we need it.”

Expert advice from a dedicated team

Expert Advice From a Dedicated Team

Norm is excited about what lies in store for Cash for Gold USA and “The solutions create so many efficiencies, which means we have more time and energy to focus on growing our business.''

''Everyone we deal with is quick to respond, and they really know their stuff. I always get advice and guidance that suits our unique business needs, and having the same points of contact means I know we are valued and not just another customer on their books.''

Would I change anything about the last couple of years? I would have brought on sooner! Would I recommend them? 100% - but not to my competitors!”

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