Customer success case study: The Entertainer App

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The Entertainer drives app downloads via short codes

Whilst advertising via paid media & other digital channels provided detailed analytics around App downloads, tracking App downloads for traditional media, such as radio and print media, was limited - The Entertainer turned to for the solution.

About The Entertainer

The ENTERTAINER is an App full of exciting Buy One Get One Free offers. It is packed with great stuff to eat, see and do. The ENTERTAINER offers six well thought out categories which include food and restaurants, beauty and fitness, attractions and leisure, fashion and retail, everyday services and travel.

Their App (which launched in November 2013 in South Africa) offers access to exclusive offers across all six categories. Some key features of the App include GPS mapping, advanced search capabilities (which allows you to filter against certain attributes) and social sharing.

The App currently offers three separate city products for Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban as well as a SA Bundle (which includes a package for all three products). The SA Bundle means even more access to more offers and deals throughout Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban - perfect for local travelers.

The Challenge

Whilst advertising via paid media & other digital channels provided detailed analytics around their App downloads. Tracking App downloads for traditional media was limited.

In order to broaden their awareness in newer markets like Johannesburg & Durban, The Entertainer wanted to use traditional media and event activations to create brand awareness with the ultimate goal of driving App downloaded. However, the challenge was trying find a way that was easy for consumers to sign up whilst being able to measure the effectiveness of these efforts.

The Solution

The Entertainer turned to's short code service. Using the short code service, an interested user could SMS the keywords “SAVE” to the short code 49022. Thereafter, a trigger SMS is sent with a link to download the ENTERTAINER App. Through various print media campaigns, the ENTERTAINER was able to attract new users to the app. The short code, keyword and rates were placed throughout various marketing material to motivate users to install the app. Their campaign was further optimised with the objective of converting app installations into subscriptions.

short code

The benefits of using short codes

The greatest advantage of using a short code is that it can be easily remembered, making it effortless for recipients to reply to your messages.

It offers an affordable way in which customers can engage with you without your brand having to initiate the conversation first. By having a recognisable number, reachability can grow at minimal cost.

More about short codes

The Result

Jenny, Marketing Manager for the Entertainer South Africa said that “it was important for us to find an easy way to track engagement with our traditional media and event activations. By using CM Telecom, we’re able to get access to real-time data for our short code, and use it to improve our offline activities.”


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