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5 tips to optimise your Mobile Marketing

Marketing isn’t the same as we knew it 10 years ago, and much of that is thanks to the rise of the smartphone. We are living in an era in which consumers can buy products and services conveniently from their mobile phones. If you want consumers to find and choose you, a mobile presence is an absolute must to get higher conversion rates and to improve customers’ satisfaction.

Are you struggling with the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns, due to the lack of data or the right tooling to serve all channels? Let us help you with 5 tips for better results.

Improve the effectiveness of your mobile message for better results

The way today’s customers interact with brands are fundamentally shifting. Mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing channels to reach your target audience. If you are constantly optimising the many possibilities of mobile marketing, your customer loyalty and conversion rates can only improve.

5 tips to improve the conversion rate of your mobile marketing campaign

1.     Since every channel has its own limitations, you need to be creative with your message, but even more importantly be short and concise. Ensure everyone will instantly understand what your message is. Then consider whether your key message needs an extension. For example, you can extent your SMS messages with a mobile landing page, free for all our SMS customers. A mobile landing page enables you to share rich content easily using drag and drop functionality.

2.     Improve conversion rate by creating a very clear call to action (CTA). Explicitly trigger an action from your receiver after reading your message.

A list of things to consider when creating your call to action (CTA) to persuade clicks:

  • Use one single CTA
  • Avoid distracting navigation links
  • Show the CTA above the fold
  • Use colour contrast to make the call-to-action stand out
  • Write a descriptive CTA - not: “next, shop, continue” but: “take quiz, view mattresses, buy now”
  • Make CTA’s benefit oriented (what’s in it for me?)

3.     Mobile marketing is such a powerful tool, but your company is not the only one asking for your customer’s attention via this channel. To be different, your message needs to stand out, be relevant and be personal. There are several ways to successfully personalise a message, using the things you know about your customer. Consider adding your customers name, use merge tags for previous purchases or the location of their frequently visited store. Moreover, consider adding your own name as signature and send your message from a personal account to make it all look personalised.

4.     Nowadays, there is no need for your mobile marketing campaign to be one-way. If you use the right sender name, you can easily enable the receiver to send a reply to your campaign. Start conversations with your customers. This will not only make your company more approachable, improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It also allows you to receive feedback and gain insights to improve your products and services. Providing you with the opportunity to take your business and marketing to the next level.

5.     Test, measure and improve. Use your data to get the best results. Set up an A/B test to test which changes work best. If you’re working with our platform, use the Address Book to randomly divide your recipients into two marketing groups. Send your message, and wait for the results to come in. platform

For the most effective mobile marketing campaigns, you need the right tooling. The marketing suite from offers various solutions for your campaigns, landing pages and data collection. Use them to send out marketing campaigns across multiple channels and create 360° customer profiles using our CDP.

And of course, you can always count on us to help you set up the most successful mobile marketing campaign.

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Colinda Leemans

is passionate about mobile technology and marketing. At, she ensures customers can easily find the best way for them to benefit from mobile technology. In her spare time, she gets to relax with yoga.

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