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Enhance your Black Friday SMS Marketing with Pages

In recent years, SMS integration has played a pivotal role in transforming the Black Friday shopping experience. Both retailers and consumers have wholeheartedly embraced SMS as a powerful tool for communicating promotions, exclusive offers, and time-sensitive alerts.

Havanna Wentzel
Havanna Wentzel,

However, in the face of increased competition, how can businesses effectively cut through the noise and truly stand out with SMS this Black Friday? In this article, we will delve into the ways in which mobile landing pages can augment SMS marketing, elevating engagement and conversion rates, ultimately making the Black Friday sales season even more convenient for businesses and consumers.

Why Utilise SMS this Black Friday?

While SMS may seem outdated in the era of modern messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram, it continues to be a highly effective channel for reaching and engaging with customers. According to Shopify's global highlights from 2022, a remarkable 73% of Black Friday sales occurred through mobile devices. This statistic underscores the enduring relevance of SMS as a vital communication channel.

Contemporary consumers, particularly Gen Z shoppers, gravitate towards media-rich, visual messaging channels like WhatsApp, which enhance the overall shopping experience. The incorporation of visual elements has become an expectation. Therefore, how can brands replicate these immersive experiences and match the visual effects offered by platforms like WhatsApp via SMS?

Pages, a component of the Mobile Marketing Cloud, is a mobile landing page builder designed to help you derive genuine value from your marketing campaigns. With Pages, you can craft feature-rich, content-driven mobile landing pages explicitly crafted to engage and motivate customers to take action. By including a short link in your SMS messages, you empower shoppers to access Black Friday sales and discounts, thereby boosting engagement and driving higher conversion rates.

Pages for SMS marketing

With Pages, producing compelling, visually engaging CTA-driven pages is straightforward. Some of its valuable features include:

Rich Media

Create pages with engaging videos, carousels and images to promote items and products, and use QR codes to drive traffic and conversion to online shops.

Customer Data Platform

Use customer data and profiles to send personalised offers to loyal customers or to encourage potential new customers to convert.


Collect valuable customer data using forms on mobile landing pages linked in SMS messages to enhance future promotions and discounts.

How to use Pages this Black Friday

Whether offering discounts to loyal customers or promoting new products, Pages has many use cases this Black Friday:

Time-limited discounts and sales

Create a sense of urgency with time-limited discounts, offers and sales in the lead-up to the Black Friday sales.

Gifts and promotions

Reward loyal customers and drive further sales with gifts and personalised promotions this Black Friday.

Announcements and new releases

Inform customers of new announcements and releases ahead of this year's Black Friday to create a buzz and engagement around the event.

Collect customer feedback

Gather valuable feedback post-Black Friday from customers to assess brand sentiment and analyse where improvements can be made.

Enhance SMS with Pages

With Pages, businesses can effortlessly craft visually captivating mobile landing pages that enhance the overall shopping experience via SMS. From eye-catching graphics and videos to exclusive offers, limited-time discounts, and the collection of valuable customer data through forms and surveys, SMS marketing, paired with mobile landing pages, has evolved into a dynamic strategy for Black Friday success.

Reach out to enhance your Black Friday SMS marketing with Pages

Havanna Wentzel
Havanna Wentzel,

is the Marketeer based in Cape Town at She is passionate about providing valuable content to customers and clients that informs and inspires, while being dedicated to optimising local campaigns for the unique South African market.

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