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Pages: how we supercharge SMS

Build visually engaging mobile landing pages from a simple text message.

Mobile marketing is a growth area with people using their phones to research, select, purchase and recommend products in larger numbers than ever. Creating the right mobile environment for your business is crucial to keeping up with your competitors.  

The Mobile Marketing Cloud is a robust set of tools to help you deliver real value from your marketing efforts. Alongside a host of omnichannel features, Pages, one of our SMS products, gives you the ability to create feature-rich, content-led mobile landing pages designed to engage and encourage customers to take action. Here’s how to get started with Pages. 

Why is mobile so important?

Africa is an exceptionally mobile-savvy country. GSMA Intelligence’s report showed mobile phone subscribers stood at 46 per cent in Sub-Saharan Africa, while smartphone adoption was at 64 per cent.

The report also indicated that there will be an additional 400 million new mobile subscribers by 2025, most of whom will be from frontier markets in the Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Those numbers tell you that mobile is a significant growth area, and mobile marketing strategies will only become more critical in the coming years. 

So getting your mobile marketing right has never been more important, and making your marketing mobile-friendly is a big part of the puzzle. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to deliver rich multimedia experiences to your database of current and potential customers. 

Pages for mobile-friendly marketing

Pages is our solution to creating mobile-specific landing pages. It’s easy to produce, effective, visually-engaging CTA-driven pages with no coding skills required. Here are some of its features:

Graphics & video

Create pages with engaging videos, carousels, images and QR codes to drive action. 

Promotions & loyalty

Use your data to send personalised offers to loyal customers or to encourage potential new customers to convert. 

Vouchers & sales

Build a sense of urgency with limited-time offers and coupon codes. 


Gather valuable feedback on your business from the people who matter most, helping you to assess brand sentiment and analyse where you can improve. 


Collect valuable customer data using forms directly from your SMS or WhatsApp messages.

How people in your industry use Pages 

There are so many ways to use Pages, so we’ve highlighted just a few of the potential applications, industry-by-industry. 


Pages can create feature-rich web landing pages to create a sense of excitement around your music event. You can create a visually arresting line-up page for your festival, for example, helping you to show off the highlights of your event. 

Pages for the music industry


Create forms to help your fans register for season tickets without unnecessary clicks and headaches. Enable your fans to sign up for loyalty offers and share their information with your club for use in subsequent marketing campaigns.

Pages for the sports industry


Use Pages to create back-in-stock alerts for loyal customers and customers who’ve registered an interest in specific products. Feature-rich pages allow you to show off your products and engage customers instantly with stunning photography, carousels, video and more.

Pages for the retail industry


Create instant property newsflash messaging to give your database of customers a heads-up on new properties they might consider renting or purchasing.

Pages for the housing industry


Produce barrier-free forms to allow donors to register their details, creating valuable data for your future marketing campaigns.


Build engaging event pages quickly and easily to give your customers up-to-the-minute odds updates and gaming opportunities.

Pages for the gaming industry

Create your own powerful SMS marketing campaign with Pages today. Get in touch with our expert team, and we’ll show you how.

Book a demo Mobile Marketing Cloud

Create your own powerful SMS marketing campaign with Pages today. Get in touch with our expert team, and we’ll show you how.

Book a demo Mobile Marketing Cloud
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