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Introducing Instagram Marketing Messages for Leisure and Travel

The impact of social media on leisure and travel is undeniable. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have transformed how people experience and plan their journeys. They serve as hubs for sharing photos, videos, travel tips, and reviews, essential tools for travellers worldwide.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of social media in the travel realm is its power to inspire and influence. By following travel bloggers, influencers, and brands, people can explore new destinations and experiences they might never have considered. Additionally, observing the adventures of friends and family on these platforms encourages individuals to venture to new places and try new activities.

Yet, the influence of social media goes beyond inspiration. It plays a pivotal role in trip planning. Enter Instagram's Marketing Messages, a potent tool to reconnect with your audience where they're most active, reigniting their interest and boosting your conversion rates.

With its captivating visuals and user-friendly interface, Instagram naturally appeals to travellers, making it a perfect platform to generate excitement.

Leveraging the right channel for the right audience

Now, let's discuss connecting with the right audience: Instagram Messaging, with its youthful user base, emerges as the go-to channel for engaging Millennials and Gen Z travellers. Astonishingly, 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, and most people surveyed confirm that Instagram fosters deeper interactions with brands.

The visual allure of Instagram Messaging, provides a great canvas for showcasing travel deals and brand essence. The icing on the cake? The option for personal customer interaction through Direct Messages, which adds an exceptional touch to your engagement strategy.

Previously, businesses were confined to responding to Direct Messages only. When a customer initiated a DM conversation (after opting in), a 24-hour window opened, allowing businesses to send non-promotional messages within that timeframe. Beyond those 24 hours, proactive messaging was off the table. But then came Marketing Messages, turning the tide.

Instagram Marketing Messages

Marketing Messages via Instagram is an essential part of the Conversational Marketing strategy, which empowers you to send customers regular updates on promotions, deals, and enticing topics, even outside the 24-hour window.

Instagram’s Marketing Messages lets you send daily messages or notifications to users who've opted in, well beyond the previously mentioned 24-hour window. It's a perfect way to keep interested travellers in the loop about the latest deals and promotions, encouraging them to re-engage or take advantage of new offers.

These ongoing messages can be initiated at any point along the customer's journey, encompassing a wide array of subjects that contribute to higher conversion rates. But remember, the messages you send must strike a chord with your audience.

Impersonal or irrelevant messages will quickly fall into the "spam" category, leading customers to unsubscribe and slamming shut the window of opportunity.

How to get opt-ins for Instagram Marketing Messages

As mentioned earlier, you can only send Marketing Messages through Instagram Messaging if customers have given their opt-in. These opt-ins are valid for six months from the customer's opt-in date.

When the six-month mark approaches, customers will receive a re-opt-in request, giving them the choice to continue receiving Marketing Messages or not.

However, before fretting over expiring opt-ins, your focus should be on obtaining the initial opt-in from travellers. Fear not, there are various ways to secure opt-ins, and we're about to lay them out for you. Links

Utilise these shortened URLs to direct customers to Instagram Messages and ignite conversations. You can embed Links in websites, emails, and social media posts.

Instagram Advertisements

Craft Instagram ads with a "Click to Instagram Direct Messages" feature to run campaigns. Once customers click the ad, the opt-in request will be sent to them.

Instagram Story Replies

Leverage Story Replies for campaigns. When customers comment or react to an Instagram story, they'll receive the opt-in request.

Benefits of Marketing Messages

  • Connect on Your Customers' Terms: Reach out to your customers where they're most comfortable—right on their smartphones and through their preferred channel. This supercharges your conversion rates, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional channels.

  • Personal and Instantaneous: Foster stronger customer relationships through one-on-one conversations that resonate with your audience. It's all about delivering that personal touch, instantly.

  • Mobile-Friendly and Privacy-First: Designed with mobile users in mind, Instagram Messaging ensures a seamless experience while respecting your privacy.

  • Enhance the Customer Journey: Create additional touchpoints to expedite the customer journey. Whether you're sparking conversations with travellers at the planning stage or assisting them on the go during their trip, you'll accelerate sales, deepen engagement, and even generate fresh leads.

Instagram Messaging through

Instagram Messaging empowers your brand to craft personalised travel experiences and foster meaningful connections with your audience whilst creating additional touchpoints in their journey.

Excited about the potential of Instagram Messaging to elevate your travel business? We provide all the essential tools to kickstart your first campaign, whether through Mobile Marketing Cloud, Chatbot, or Business Messaging API.

Interested in using Instagram Messaging to give your business a boost?

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