Salesforce SMS plugin

Send automated and customised SMS messages from Salesforce with the plugin

How do you benefit from using the Salesforce SMS plugin?

The Salesforce plugin of CM solves 2 things. Firstly it connects Salesforce to the CM SMS API. Secondly it gives you several 'building blocks' that can be used in Salesforce processes, screens, flows and so on.

The CM SMS Connector is prized for the fact that it gives you freedom in customising SMS in your own screens and processes. This also means you don’t get an overkill of features you’re never going to use, you can create your own clean solution.

The managed package is designed to give you easy customisable (2-way) SMS features in Salesforce.

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    Reliability of the CM platform

    Enjoy the benefits of the fast and reliable CM platform for sending messages in Salesforce.

  2. 2

    Easy integration in Salesforce

    No need for a custom and costly solution to integrate SMS in your Salesforce environment.

  3. 3

    Customizable and scalable

    The CM SMS components in Salesforce can be customised for your own fit.

Salesforce SMS plugin

Salesforce is much more than a CRM system. You can manage your sales, marketing, services, commerce, community, workflows and much more within this leading cloud platform. Companies can choose to use Salesforce in different ways and with different configurations.

That’s why we created the most flexible SMS plugin to streamline business communication via Salesforce.

Download Managed Package Download Managed Package Download Managed Package

What are CM plugins, add-ons or extensions?

Software plugins and extensions are fast and easy options to extend the functionality of your platform. CM plugins enables you to implement our services in your own software through plug-and-play extensions. You are now able to extend your software with the versatile services of the CM platform.

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