Annual General Meeting - 30 April 2020

Minutes General Meeting 30 April 2020 Read more
Voting Results General Meeting 30 April 2020 Read more
Shareholders N.V. adopt all resolutions Read more
Q&A Algemene Vergadering N.V. Read more
Convocation AGM Read more
Agenda and explanatory notes Read more
Proxy Voting Form Read more
Resume Jӧrg de Graaf Read more
Summary of the main elements of the service agreement Mr. De Graaf Read more
Remuneration policy Read more
Draft deed of amendment Articles of Association Read more
Conceptakte statutenwijziging Read more
Triptych amendment of the articles of association N.V. Read more
Drieluik statutenwijziging N.V. Read more
2019 Annual Report DSCO Read more

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