Regulations and Codes

19-04-2024 Rotation schedule Supervisory Board Read more
05-03-2024 Management Board rules Read more
05-03-2024 Supervisory Board rules Read more
05-03-2024 Profile Supervisory Board Read more
05-03-2024 Audit committee charter Read more
05-03-2024 Nomination, Selection and Remuneration committee charter Read more
15-12-2023 Diversity and Inclusion Policy Read more
22-05-2023 Speak-Up Policy Read more
21-04-2022 Remuneration policy Management Board Read more
21-04-2022 Remuneration policy Supervisory Board Read more
18-03-2021 Bilateral Contact Policy Read more
25-02-2021 Tax Policy Read more
21-02-2020 Dividend Policy Read more
21-02-2020 Code of Conduct Read more