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Sep 27, 2022
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Workflow Guide

What is Workflow?

Workflow enforces what is called the “four-eyes principle of change management”. Once enabled via the Security Settings in the admin portal, it guarantees that any content change on an article is approved by at least 1 other team member.

Workflow: How It Works

When a content editor makes changes to an article, their content changes will enter its workflow and need to be approved by another team member. The article will only be updated with the latest changes from the draft after it has been reviewed and approved by another team member. This provides customers with a level of reassurance when working with the system.

The pending draft will appear in the “Pending Article to review” task list to another team member:


The team member reviewing the task will see a draft of the pending item and can either reject or approve the content changes.


When reviewing the current draft, if you decide there need to be some adjustments made to the content, you can select the “Reject” button and provide a reason as to why the content wasn’t approved:


Once the draft has been rejected, it will appear in the task list of the user who initially made the content changes:

Upon clicking their task, they can see a list of all their rejected drafts. When selecting one of these tasks, the content editor will be taken to the rejected article where they can amend the it based on the feedback that was provided:image.png

After making the final adjustments, the content will go back into workflow again to await approval from another team member (for the “final” approval).

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