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Sep 20, 2022
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Adding SSML Content

Voice projects are equipped with an SSML editor which contains various elements that enable you to customize and control the audio response for text-to-speech requests.


The SSML editor also contains the familiar link, unlink, media and project constant elements.

The difference between a regular text-based project and a voice project is the answer editor. For voice projects, the content of the answers will look very different as they will contain code snippets around the text that is to be spoken and must always contain the  tag:


When building dialogs, it's best to create an open input dialog where the user can select an option by saying "one", "two", or "three". 

Before you start creating SSML content, we recommend reading the more in-depth documentation provided on Google Cloud and Amazon Alexa. This will help you to have a good understanding of how all of the elements work. The linked articles also provide some best practices on how to different elements together within an answer.

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