Nov 30, 2022
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Workflow enforces what is called the “four-eyes principle of change management”. Once enabled via the security settings in the admin portal, it guarantees that any content change on an article is approved by at least 1 other team member.

Below is an overview of Workflow features:

Enabling/disabling workflow through the admin portal:

  • Enabling workflow enforces content reviews across all resources covered by workflow

Two quality assurance tasks to:

  • Approve content changes made by team members

  • Review content changes rejected by team members

Introducing the workflow administrator user role:

  • Can be assigned through the admin portal

  • Users with this role can change content without it having to be approved

  • Users with this role are allowed to approve content changes from team members

Full workflow coverage for the article resource:

  • Any content change made to an article requires a review by a team member
  • The ability to approve, reject, and comment on article content changes through a quality assurance task

Additional improvements coming to workflow:

  • Expanding the revisions feature to other types of content such as dialogs

  • Expanding feature coverage for workflow to other types of content such as dialogs, and entities.

Workflow Administrator

The workflow feature comes with one additional user role “Workflow Administrator”. Content editors with this additional user role can make content changes without them requiring approval from another team member. This additional user role can be added by your Administrator in the Admin Portal.

Package Type

This feature is available for the enterprise package.

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