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Nov 30, 2022
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Device Type Detection

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  • Device Type Detection

Conversational AI Cloud uses information from 51degrees to detect the users device type on every interaction. 

The definitions are as follows: 

  • Console: Indicates if the device is primarily a game console, such as Xbox or PlayStation

  • Mobile: *Indicates if the device's primary data connection is wireless and the device is designed to operate mostly by battery power (e.g. mobile phone, smartphone or tablet). **\This property does not indicate if the device is a mobile phone or not 
    Laptops are not classified as mobile devices under this definition

  • Smartphone: Indicates if the device can make and receive phone calls, has a screen size greater than or equal to 2.5 inches and less than 7 inches, runs a modern operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.) and is not designed to be wearable technology

  • Tablet: The device is classified as a tablet if the manufacturer sells the device primarily as a tablet, or if the device is primarily advertised as a tablet and has a screen size equal to or greater than 7 inches

  • Desktop: Indicates if the device is a desktop or a laptop

  • Unknown: The device is unknown in the catalog of almost 500.000 devices, or is hidden at the client

These definitions are mutually exclusive. For example, if something is classified as a Smartphone, it cannot also be classified as Mobile.


Although 51degrees has many more features and can bring a lot of information about specific devices, our implementation and license is currently limited to the general device type. It cannot be refactored easily to provide this additional information for a single project. It would need refactoring, license and be in effect for all projects.

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