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Feb 12, 2024
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GenAI Tips & Tricks

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Tone of Voice

With the tone of voice you cannot decide WHAT answer GenAI will give you. However, it does allow you to define HOW those answers are formulated. The information you provide in the tone of voice is part of a bigger prompt CM does to the connected Large Language Model (LLM).


  • You can request GenAI to give answers in X lines/words.
  • Only use 1 language in your tone of voice. Consistency is key.
  • English is currently the best language to use. LLM's are currently trained with English as their first language. This is why English prompts usually work best.
  • Generative AI is open to interpretation. The more you leave open to interpretation, the more your AI will do it's own interpretation.
  • Less instruction leads to more consistency
  • Be concrete with prompts. Always describe exactly what to do.

ℹ️ A factually correct answer will always weigh heavier than the requested tone of voice (if this conflicts).


Generative AI autonomously determines its responses, leading to variations in answers. However, you can influence your AI Assistant for more tailored responses by offering precise instructions. There is no absolute "right" or "wrong" in your prompts.


Okay Prompt

Improved Prompt

Always say 'you'

Consistently address the customer using 'you'

Use a cool tone

Maintain a youthful and hip tone in all responses

Give a short response

Limit responses to a maximum of two sentences

Use emojis

Incorporate an (animal) emoji at the conclusion of each response

Adding Sources's Gen AI offers you two ways of adding sources. You can upload documents or you can use the web crawler.


To achieve maximum value from you uploaded documents into knowledge, make sure you format your documentation as shown below:

  • Blocks of text of no more than 400 words.
  • You don’t have to use “Question” and “Answer”. AI doesn’t use this.
  • Split your topics by 2 white lines (press [ENTER] on your keyboard). For example:






  • The best source for high quality answers is naturally written text. That’s why product text like “Color: Black” doesn’t work as well.
  • The crawler can crawl up to 48 hours in one go. If it takes longer, please send a ticket to support.

ℹ️ The structure of some websites is not suitable for Generative AI. To make sure your website fits our model, test in a demo environment to see if the crawler gets stuck somewhere.

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