Nov 28, 2023
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Knowledge (GenAI) toggle

The Knowledge tab brings you to another Generative AI feature. Adding Knowledge reduces the time it will take you to set up your chatbot by allowing Generative AI to generate responses towards your end user based on the tone of voice, resources and input it receives.

If you would like to have access to this feature, please contact your account manager.



The following resources for Generative AI knowledge can be added:

  • Files: Upload a .pdf or JSON file with a file size limit of 25MB
  • Web Crawler: Add a URL from your website to enable web crawling
  • Articles: Articles marked as FAQ's will automatically be added to your knowledge after synchronization.



Indicate the intended audience of a specific data source, e.g. a customer might only want a particular file to be used for answer suggestion for agents, but not for the conversational AI.




Tone of Voice

By setting tone of voice, you will be able to guide the AI in generating responses that align with your predefined guidelines. Without a tone of voice, the style of the answers would be written in a random style. You can set the tone of voice in the Settings.


Automatic & Scheduled Synchronization

Synchronization is a process that fetches the latest data from all connected sources, e.g. configured URL's for the web crawler, and recently uploaded/updated files.

    • A fully transparent process that shows what data it extracted from what sources.
    • Synchronization can be configured to run on an automated schedule, e.g. every day or every Sunday.


Web Crawler Blacklist

The optional web crawler blacklists tells the system to avoid specific URL's when crawling configured web pages.



After you have set the tone of voice and added resources, you can synchronize your knowledge base. When a data sync starts it can take a while depending on the amount of data. Only one training can happen at any given time.


Use the checkboxes next to the resources that you want to synchronize:

Once you've started synchronizing your resources, you will have the option to stop synchronization:


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