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Types of Webhooks

There are three different webhook types available in Conversational AI Cloud:

  1. Validation script is code provided by a developer, possibly Conversational AI Cloud standard options, or custom code from your programmer. This code does not run on Conversational AI Cloud but on other servers, yours, or your client's. These are referenced by what is called a webhook, a reference that the developer provides to point Conversational AI Cloud to these functions. (View more on developers portal)
  2. Transaction script is a code that actually handles the transaction. A transaction has to be interpreted loosely but typically involves the change of an external system; a ticket is created, a record (in a CRM) being updated, a purchase being added. You can relate it to submitting a form: using the data, something happens, which might also be a refined search such as searching for a flight. (View more on developers portal)
  3. Context variable webhooks lets the CMS user decide which value the context should have. In order to use this, the client should have a server available to host the logic needed for the computation of all of the contexts.
    This special kind of Webhook adheres to an inbound and outbound payload. Based on the values that you have defined in the Conversational AI Cloud CMS, you will be able to set any of the values for the interaction of your client to the context. (View more on developers portal)

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