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Sep 28, 2023
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Integrate Conversational AI Cloud with CDP

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It’s possible to send data from Conversational AI Cloud to the Customer Data Platform (CPD).

To get started you’ll need to create a webhook in Conversational AI Cloud.

Give this webhook the name ‘CDP integration’ and make sure that the webhook type is ‘Transactional Script’.

Add the webhook URL: to development, staging, and production.
Your webhook configuration should look like this:


After you’ve created your webhook configuration you will need to create metadata too.

Add the following metadata with type ‘text’:

  • cdpEvent
  • cdpProductToken
  • cdpTenant

After you have added your script and metadata you can start using this integration. Create a new t-dialog with the data which you want to catch and send to the CDP.

For example:


In this t-dialog as example I want to catch the first name in my first slot and sent this to the CDP (you can add whatever slots you want). If you want to send the data to the CDP, make sure that your END slot has the following details and the transaction script selected:


Notice that you have to fill in the IDs of the metadata yourself. You can retrieve the cdpEvent ID after you have created your event in the CDP.

The cdpProductToken can be retrieved by going to your CDP > Settings after creating an API Token:



The cdpTenant ID can be retrieved from where it says "Your tenant ID is" the image above.

If all steps above are configured correctly then Conversational AI Cloud should execute the transaction script at the END slot of the t-dialog and the data should be visible in the CDP:


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