Jul 10, 2023
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Getting Started with Web Conversations

Web Conversations provides CM.com's customers with out-of-the-box JavaScript based conversational components. This product is built and maintained by Conversational AI Cloud's Integration team and is offered as part of the products no-code/low-code ecosystem. The following components are currently offered through Web Conversations:

  • Web chat component
  • FAQ component

The following CM.com products are currently supported by Web Conversations:

CM.com product

Web chat


Conversational AI Cloud

Mobile Service Cloud*

*Mobile Service Cloud web chat is currently only supported when the customer also has access to Conversational AI Cloud. For more information on this please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Please view How to set up your first Web Conversations Client Configuration on our Developer page.

How to Access Web Conversations

Access to the Web Conversations product is provided through the use of the CMS user credentials that also provide access to Conversational AI Cloud's CMS.

Web Conversations can be found on https://webconversations.digitalcx.com

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