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Whether you're connecting whole fleets, or connecting customers to their dream car. We have the tools to make it happen.

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Industries Automotive

The automotive industy in numbers


of drivers would buy a car online without taking a test drive (Peter Vardy 2019/20)


the number of dealership visits before a purchase – down from 8 before COVID-19 (CarWow)


have either organised car finance online or would like to in the near future (Autotrader 2020)


Machine 2 Machine connections anticipated in the automotive sector by 2022 (Gartner)

Are you free to talk?

Your customers want to talk to you on their favourite channels. Make sure they can...

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Google's Business Messages

Automotive segments serves

Fleet management

Fleet management

Fleets are made up of multiple small moving parts. Stay connected and communicate with your whole fleet to maximise efficiency, increase productivity, improve driver safety and monitor vehicle maintenance.



Consumers today expect quick delivery, whether the next day or even the same day. Ensure your customers are kept up to date on their delivery status with communication across all mobile messaging channels.

Car manufacturers

Car manufacturers

In the digital world consumers are driven by personalisation and the latest technology. Ensure you can provide vehicles with solutions that offer a personalised and efficient service to the drivers.

Car hire

Car hire

Customers want to enjoy their whole journey. From booking a hire car to dropping it off, ensure your company is available 24/7, on any channel, to answers questions quickly and resolve any issues.

How can help your business

Stay Connected

Our SMS infrastructure enables advanced data exchange from connected vehicles.

Electronic Signature

Signing documents can be done virtually thanks to our approved Sign solution.

Online Payments

Our complete end-to-end payments solution works with all major payment methods.

Easy Communication

Our solution allows you to speak to customers on their preferred channel.

Real-Time Answers

With the right software you can answer all of your customers questions.

Keeping your business front of mind for your customers

When you make yourself available to your customers, you give them more opportunities to talk to you.

And the more they talk to you, the more opportunities you have to make a difference to their day. Customer retention is easy when you can make a measurable difference to your customers' day.

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Customer Data Platform - Automotive

Get to know your customers better

Brands want to create superior experiences for their users. This means collecting data across various systems to create 360 degree profiles of their customers and consistently deliver the best products. This can include transactional, behavioural and even third party data.

In the automotive world, as infotainment systems become more common in consumer cars, car manufacturers also need to be able to collect this data and use it to understand their customers better. This data can then be fed into a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to later guide personalised content and product strategies. 

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The Guide to Conversational Messaging

Stay in touch with conversational messaging

2.8bn people use mobile messaging channels. How can you choose the best Conversational Channels for you and your customers? Download our guide to discover the pros and cons for each channel today.

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Deliver personalised customer engagements

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