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“Digital signing has really taken off since the COVID-19 pandemic”, according to Maarten de Ru of Vendorlink.

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Uncomplicated Supplier Management Tool

Maarten de Ru is a business consultant at Vendorlink, a software company located in Veenendaal. They offer their customers an uncomplicated tool for Supplier Relationship Management. The tool offers smart solutions for things like sourcing, vendor management, and contract lifecycle management, and you can find all supplier information in one place. Vendorlink serves about 140 customers in The Netherlands and abroad in various sectors: from insurance companies and housing associations to healthcare institutions and municipalities. 

The Customer’s Needs

In 2020, Vendorlink started using CM.com’s Sign, a product for digital signing, as an integrated part of their software package. “That step was mainly prompted by the customer’s needs”, says Maarten. “Digital Signing has been gaining popularity, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are active in industries in which many contracts have to be signed. We wanted to offer our customers a broader package, including a solution for e-signing.”

The choice to collaborate with CM.com was an easy one to make. “We have quite a lot of customers in common, and we like to collaborate with a Dutch company. It feels familiar, and we have direct communication lines, which is very efficient. CM.com is located in Breda, and they offer support in Dutch. Vendorlink is also located in The Netherlands, which means that we can communicate quickly and effectively. That is very much appreciated by our customers.”

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No More Hassle Dealing With Paper

According to Maarten, Sign is beneficial to users. Administrative tasks that used to take up 4 to 8 hours are now being handled in 15 minutes tops. The COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed that people don’t want to deal with physical forms anymore. With Sign, documents are immediately stored in the right place and risks of error are being reduced significantly. That is important for every customer, but especially for parties working in healthcare.”

Experience the Advantages With a Pilot

It is pretty simple to create a business case for Sign, according to Maarten. Potential customers must have the opportunity to experience the advantages of e-signing in a pilot. “Digital signing is time-saving for companies, but it can also make people nervous because it requires input from management and directors. Signing is a primary and very important business process, and it can be an issue to shift to digital signing. Organisations might also hesitate to start using a new software system. That’s why it’s good to be able to show in a pilot how easy and safe digital signing actually is.”


Smooth Implementation

“It was really easy to start using Sign”, Maarten says. “The implementation went smoothly: the available documentation is clear and thorough. We had experienced developers on both sides: they speak each other’s language, and they communicate swiftly. These direct communication lines are very efficient; that doesn’t always work out that well with foreign parties. It took just one release to complete the implementation.”

Discover the Power of Sign

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