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Jan 28, 2021
9 minutes read

17 ways business messaging enhances your customer satisfaction

The ease of communication between businesses and consumers weighs heavily on customer service. Emerging technologies offer numerous possibilities to start conversations with your customers. Conversational channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are increasingly being used by companies to engage with customers. But how can you use these channels? To get you up to speed, we share some proven examples. Get inspired and enhance your customer experience today.

1. Increase your sales by sharing promotions and discount coupons

Discounts are regularly used to boost sales. E-mail, leaflets, and other (digital) media channels are often used to communicate these promotions. But did you know you can also boost these promotions via WhatsApp or Facebook? These channels are ideal for both offline and online promotions.  

Keep in mind that, in contrast to e-mail, many message channels have restrictions on sending messages to a large group of consumers at once. These restrictions are imposed to prevent users from being spammed with promotions. Via Facebook Messenger, you can only send messages to customers who have already had a conversation with you. Via WhatsApp, you can use pre-approved Message Templates

Despite these restrictions, messaging channels can certainly be interesting to use in your media mix. The target group that you reach with a message, has oftentimes already been in touch with your company. It is also a very personal way to approach your customers with relevant promotions.  

Relevance is key. As with all other channels, the right message to the right target group ensures the best results. It is therefore important to segment your target group in a smart way. Good segmentation can only be realized if you have the right data available. Consider a Customer Data Platform: software that collects all your customers' data in one platform.  

Exclusive, personal coupons always work as well. Use WhatsApp to send exclusive coupons to your existing customers. This not only facilitates purchases, but by using a unique coupon code, you can also accurately measure the performance of your campaign.  

2. Engage your customers with gamification content 

Nobody is waiting to be constantly urged to make a purchase. Consumers, however, are often open to accessible content that (unconsciously) helps them orientate towards buying a product or service. That's why you often see short quizzes, polls, or games on social media these days. Companies want to increase the involvement of their target group and make them enthusiastic to make a purchase.  

This content can be presented through messaging channels. For example, you can use a chatbot as a quizmaster. The chatbot asks a question, waits for an answer, and then keeps track of the score. Did you know you can set up the bot very easily and without technical knowledge?  

Wondering how this works? We have set up a chatbot via WhatsApp that virtually mimics a coffee corner. Place your order here!  

coffee flow qr code chatbot

3. Provide a great after-sales customer experience 

The customer experience does not stop with a purchase. Customers may still have questions or encounter problems. You can use Business Messaging channels for customer service purposes. But in addition to providing service, there are many more opportunities to surprise your customers after purchase. For example, send some tips to get the most out of your product or service. Or share facts, news, or relevant matching products or services with your customers.  

This can all be automated using a chatbot and a Customer Data Platform. Automated or not, your customers will appreciate that you think about them after the purchase.  

4. Increase show rates with appointment alerts 

Do you work by appointment? Appointment alerts provide a positive experience for both your customers and you. It significantly reduces the number of customers forgetting an appointment. Besides saving costs, it also results in more involvement and satisfaction. Therefore, many companies already remind customers of their appointment via e-mail or SMS. But of course, you can also use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for this. 

The advantage of conversational messaging is that it feels a lot more personal. In addition, you give your customers the opportunity to easily respond to the reminder, for example when they want to reschedule or cancel the appointment.  

Personal appointment reminders are interesting for all types of companies in the service industry, such as care providers, car mechanics, estate agents, and hairdressers amongst others.  

5. Generate more reviews for your business 

Many consumers value the opinion of others before making a purchase. A high number of positive reviews will result in more purchases. Encourage customers to leave a review on popular channels such as Google Maps, Trustpilot, or Tripadvisor.  

With messaging channels, you can fully automate this. For example, set a message to be sent an x number of days after purchase with the question to leave a review. Add the correct link to the review page on your website, Google Maps, or Trustpilot.  

6. Increase loyalty by sharing your new products or services prior to launch 

Are you planning to launch a new product line or expand your range of services? You probably have a campaign planned. In addition to creating awareness, you also want to reach the target group with the highest chance of making a purchase: your existing customers.

How cool is it for your existing customers if they can order first, before the big launch? This feeling of exclusivity will increase the loyalty of your customers. Of course, it is also possible to use a WhatsApp Message Template to visualize your launch to a larger group of potential customers.  

7. Turn your customers into ambassadors  

Using messaging channels has many advantages for a company. Besides being much more reachable for your customers, you learn more from them during all conversations. As a result, your customers will feel much more involved with your company. 

When you have loyal customers, you can choose to actively cooperate with a select group of them. For example, you can ask for feedback on your latest product design or suggestions for new features on your website. With the input of this 'inner circle' of customers, you can make your company a lot more customer-oriented. You’ll get authentic, loyal ambassadors in return. A win-win situation!  

8. Keep your talent pool engaged and hire better employees 

You may already have a list of potential employees. This 'talent pool' is automatically built when you're at career fairs or candidates have applied for a vacancy alert.  

Do you already use conversational channels in your recruitment process? Besides sharing a vacancy on job boards and on LinkedIn, you can also (automatically) notify your talent pool of your open positions via a personal message via their preferred channels. 

9. Deliver leading customer support 

Conversational channels such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are great for achieving outstanding customer service. By using the channels that your customers actively use, you can greatly optimize the reachability, speed, and efficiency of your customer service.  

Please note that customers often expect a faster response on these channels than on other channels. If you don't respond fast, your customer experience might be negatively influenced by your presence. Tip: by using a chatbot, you can easily deal with frequently asked questions. This reduces the pressure on your customer service and allows your employees to focus on the more complex and personal questions.  

customer contact channels

10. Internal communication for your staff  

Many companies use an intranet to communicate with their employees. But the use differs per employee. Not everyone checks every day if there is a new message on it. To reach a large group of employees with an urgent message, you can choose to use multiple (message) channels at the same time. Make sure your employees are up to date with the latest news!  

11. Learn from your employees 

Keep your employees involved and motivated by asking them for feedback via conversational channels. Especially now that more and more people are working from home, this is very important. Don't lose them out of sight. 

You could implement a quick check-in, for example, with the simple question 'How are you doing?’. Not just interesting for companies with homeworking staff, but also for international companies with branches abroad, for companies with employees who are often on the road, or for example the retail sector with many stores throughout the country.  

12. Amaze customers with a fast response 

Speed is currently very important for good customer service. Do you want your customers to feel valued? Then make sure to respond quickly. Many consumers see fast response time as one of the most important characteristics of a good customer experience.  

This applies to any company where there is interaction with customers. It's simple reasoning: if your response takes too long, customers will look for an alternative. This doesn't have to take you a lot of time. A chatbot can answer any incoming call very quickly.  

13. Make it personal, make them love your brand 

Are you sending every newsletter to all your customers at the same time? Consider personal communication, to improve your results. The modern consumer loves personalized, relevant messages. With a personal approach, customers will love your brand, making them choose your company more often.   

Making your communication more personal is easier than it might seem. With a Customer Data Platform, you can store your customers' data in one central system. If someone sends you a message, your employees immediately see who it is and can respond to, for example, location, preferences, previous purchases, and so on.  

14. Ask for feedback, learn, and improve  

You know your product and services best. After all, you work with them every day. But if you want to keep improving your offer, you will have to listen to your customers. With Business Messaging you collect feedback easily, quickly, and effectively.   

Simply ask your customers about their experience. This makes them feel more appreciated. Want to do more? Let your customers know as soon as you've implemented certain improvements.   

15. Get your customers to pay faster 

Fast payment is appreciated by both customers and companies. Many companies send automatic payment reminders by e-mail. To make sure your customers really read these reminders, it is smart to use as many channels as possible.   

With smart payment and billing reminders via conversational channels, your customers will pay even faster. After all, your customers look at their phones more than 80 times a day. Customers appreciate a payment reminder, but they also like to receive updates. For example, if something changes in the price of the product. By improving the payment experience, your company will look much more professional and it will save you time and money.  

16. Increase conversions with polls  

Polls are an easy and quick way to collect feedback from your customers. Typically, a poll consists of one or two questions. All input can be used to improve your processes and offers, but also to generate leads.  

With this data, you can better understand the needs of your customers. Use this data for different purposes. An example of such a poll can be:  

Do you prefer backpacks or handbags?  

Backpack              Handbag  

Do you eat breakfast every day?  

Yes                   No  

You can convert the answer to the poll into data for lead generation, or to reach your customers with a relevant offer or personalized content. Polls are also very suitable for service-related messages. For example, ask your customers if they need help with the installation of their new laptop, or give them the perfect guidance when planning a holiday by asking if they like adventure or relaxation.  

17. Keep your customers coming back  

Loyal customers are crucial for any business. It is often the lifeblood of business growth. By offering a loyalty program through a message on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you benefit from a high delivery and open ratio. Via these channels, you can send rich media such as images, videos, and personalized offers.  

With great rewards and personalized offers, your customers are much more likely to come back to you. In addition, retaining customers in this powerful and relatively inexpensive way is cheaper than attracting new customers. 

Where to start?  

We understand that these examples can be overwhelming. To create an excellent customer experience, you should implement different ways to interact with your customers. Mobile Service Cloud helps you optimize your customer service and connect with your customers through their favorite mobile channels. Read more about Mobile Service Cloud here!  


Read more about the Mobile Service Cloud

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