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Absa Cape Epic 2022 interview with rider - Kate Slegrova

From 2022, will be known as the headline sponsor of Women's category at the Absa Cape Epic in South Africa. The leaders will be immediately recognisable on the trails and on television screens across the world in the brand new orange Women’s jersey. aims to help grow the stature of the Women’s category, increase participation and inspire more young women to take up the sport.

In light of Woman’s Day 2022, we would like to introduce one of the woman’s riders of the Absa Cape Epic.

About Kate

Coach Kate was born and raised in the Czech Republic, where she was inspired and coached by her father – a sport and cycling fanatic. She shared his passion, and as a result her racing career started at a very young age; she competed in the Czech XC MTB as a junior and also took part in a few triathlons and MTB Marathons. 

After graduating from a 3-year degree in Sport Management in the Czech Republic, Kate decided to spread her wings and left her beloved home country to study Personal Training in Cape Town, South Africa. 

She quickly fell in love with all that Cape Town had to offer – the friendly people, the active lifestyle, the great climate and the beautiful landscapes. She recognised the opportunity it presented – being able to cycle and benefit from the sunny weather throughout the year would support both her professional coaching career as well as her passion for racing. 

Today, Kate is a strength coach as well as cycling coach and she started a woman's focussed program called Pretty Pedal.

In addition to the safety of riding in a group, Pretty Pedal helps woman to get started on road and mountain bike whilst gaining confidence. But she is also a wife and a mum of two young girls. 


Women's Mountain Biking

Why did you start Pretty Pedal? 

“I felt there was a need for women's specific cycling and a MTB program. Many women get intimidated by riding with men. Through Pretty Pedal, I have helped many women to get started with the sport, gain skills, as well as up their fitness and confidence on and off the bike. I love sharing my passion for the sport.” 

How many Absa Cape Epic races have you done? 

“This will be my 3rd. It’s always a great goal to have and train for. Absa Cape Epic has something special and unique about it. The suffering is always real but somehow, it’s worth it and we come back for more.” 

What would you recommend to ladies that wants to start mountain biking? 

“Invest in a few personal or small group MTB skills lessons with a good coach. Before you buy a bike, try and test a few different ones to find the one that suits you best. Find a group of friends to ride with because it’s always more fun and safer than riding alone to share experiences.” 

Kate Slegrova x

How did you get to ride for 

“I used to train James Bayhack, director of Sub-Saharan Africa and I feel very privileged to represent this company. With’s technology, they make the communication for riders so much easier this year. The virtual race office is a big contribution to the experience on and off the bike. We will be able to access results and next day start times via WhatsApp from the comfort of our tents.  

I’m proud to be part of the woman's team and to watch their journey with Absa Cape Epic unfold. There will be so many strong women participating this year. Thank you for sponsoring the woman's race.” 

Absa Cape Epic launches virtual race office via WhatsApp chatbot
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