How to promote WhatsApp as your customer support channel

The WhatsApp Business solution promises to make the life of your customer service agents a little easier. Its features will lower the workload while offering a richer customer experience. However, you need to ensure that there are numerous ways in which your customers can easily find your WhatsApp number. With this piece of code, it's easy as can be.

WhatsApp QR Code

Ease of access to contact details

Throughout the customer journey, there are many moments where your customer may want your support. Being a customer-friendly company, surely your phone number and email address is easy to find throughout that journey. But phone calls are time-consuming for your team. And email often takes too long to get an answer to urgent questions. You wouldn’t want your customer to waive his intention to buy, right?

That is why WhatsApp is such a valuable channel for your customer support team. You can answer multiple incoming chats while customers are typing a reply to your message. And using automatic replies and even virtual assistants, your customer will feel heard right away. That’s a win-win. However, on WhatsApp, you can’t search for companies - by name or location. Therefore, you’ll need to make your WhatsApp service visible to your customers throughout each step in the customer journey. In other words, to ensure customers use this channel to contact you, they need to know they can. And for that purpose, we have some suggestions.

Three ways to add WhatsApp for website live chat

One of the ways to promote use of your WhatsApp channel is to add the WhatsApp channel to your website chat on your website and web shop. This change is not only the most visible one, but also the easiest one to implement. Why? Because we offer a ready to use HTML-code you can add to any website. With this code, your customers will have 3 ways to get started with WhatsApp.

  1. When visiting your website on desktop or tablet, the chat pop-up will show a QR-code. By scanning this code with their mobile phone, customers will automatically open a chat with your customer care agent.
  2. When visiting your website on desktop or tablet, the customer can also choose to (instead of scanning the QR code) use WhatsApp Web instead. This way, they can start the conversation on their desktop or tablet.
  3. When the customer visits your website on his mobile device, clicking the chat option will automatically open the WhatsApp chat. Starting a conversation will be as easy as chatting with their friends.

Added benefits for Android and Apple users

Did you know you can also add RCS for Android messages and Apple Business Chat (ABC) for users that visit your website via their iPhone?

When using an Android phone, the WhatsApp and Android options will be shown, depending of course on whether you’ve connected this channel.

When using an iOS device, ABC can be added next to WhatsApp, so website visitors can choose their favourite channel to reach out to your customer care team. Displaying a communication channel which will not work does not make sense will depreciate the value. So, we’ve incorporated this in our code - see our "chat button" block.

WhatsApp chat

Again, all you need to do is embed the code into your website which is open source, so if you want to add to the code, please feel free to do so and share it again for others to use. For the code to embed this feature, please visit our developers page.

There's more...

Of course, there are numerous other opportunities to bring WhatsApp to your customer’s attention. Consider for example placing your WhatsApp number on your receipts, printing a QR-code to your WhatsApp chat on it, placing a QR code on your product page or show the WhatsApp logo (and number) on your contact page. Lastly, you can also use the Click to WhatsApp feature in your social media ads.

We've only mentioned promoting the use of WhatsApp for inbound messages from your customers for support. How about asking your customers to opt-in for useful notifications, for example delivery status or shipment information, all via WhatsApp? This proactive service will even further lower pressure on your customer support team, while demonstrating how useful your WhatsApp service is. Especially when comparing your level of service to companies who are not this far ahead, right?

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