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WhatsApp Business Policy update - new opportunities

WhatsApp Business will be of value for your business if it’s treated as a valuable communication channel. Therefore, you will need to follow the WhatsApp Business Policy, so we ensure that all communication that runs through WhatsApp, is of relevance for the receiver: your customers. Discover what the new policy means for you.

Quality experience 

To guarantee and maintain a quality experience via WhatsApp Business, the following elements apply when using WhatsApp Business (API) for your customer communication: 

  • You can only reply to WhatsApp messages or send messages to those who have agreed to be contacted by you. 
  • You may not send advertising, marketing, or promotions. In other words, don’t use WhatsApp to send irrelevant information. Don’t spam. 
  • Respect all requests to opt-out for WhatsApp communication. This also includes that you’re obliged to delete the contact details out of your database. 
  • Don’t ask people to share full-length individual payment card numbers or financial numbers, personal ID card numbers, or other sensitive identifiers. 

Not surprising, since we all strive for relevant communication that brings value for your customers and for you. If you want to know more, have a detailed look at the WhatsApp Business Policy

Update WhatsApp Business Policy 

The policy is revised and on January 15th, 2021 the Vertical and Policy Guide will be updated. We would like to zoom into the following major changes: 

  • Pharmaceutical, medical device, and body enhancement clinics will be allowed to access the WhatsApp Business API. They are not allowed to sell items (drugs, medical devices), but are allowed to sell services (doctor visits, procedures, appointments). 
  • Government clients will be allowed to access the WhatsApp Business API under the government API program. 

• Government vertical will no longer be restricted to Covid19-related use-cases. 

• The following government verticals will be allowed access:

○ Public Health 

○ Economy recovery 

○ Social welfare 

○ City, state, and local government. 

Want to know more about the possibilities for municipalities? Download our mini paper and discover how to improve interaction with WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp Business opportunities 

This opens a world of opportunities that we will fully support with our WhatsApp Business API and additional software like the Mobile Service Cloud or the Mobile Marketing Cloud.

Are you curious how this WhatsApp Business policy affects your business and if there are (new) possibilities to start with WhatsApp Business? Contact sales via the button below. 

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