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A seamless event ticketing platform for event organizers - create, manage and sell your tickets online.

3 steps to a sold-out event offers Ticketing solutions for large and small events. Offer your visitors an optimal customer experience before, during and after your event.

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Ticketing Web App

A ticket sales system, designed for event organisers to open their own ticket shop online and start selling tickets directly.

It’s also possible to integrate the Ticketing API. With the API, developers can build their own customised ticket shop and integrate it easily into their websites and applications.

Our Golf Day use case explains how we covered every step of the event planning lifecycle using the Web App.

  1. Your own ticket shop and tickets in every desired design.

  2. Real-time dashboard with insights in sales and visitors.

  3. Boost your ticket sales using marketing campaigns.

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Customised solutions for large-scale events

For large-scale events, we offers tailor-made event services. Would you like to know more about our ticketing solutions? Contact us via the button below.

  1. Seated ticketing: Sell placed tickets

  2. Guest manager: Grant tickets digitally for sponsors

  3. Ticket personalisation: Personal tickets for every event visitor

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Free CM Tickets scan app

When you sell your tickets via our Ticketing WebApp, you can scan the tickets with the scan software of The app can be downloaded on every mobile phone. This way, tickets can be scanned easily and quickly at the entrance of your event.

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Make decisions based on the data of your sales and visitors

Making decisions for planning and servicing events becomes easier when you can rely on data. The ticketing dashboard provides real time insight into your event statistics for data-driven decision making and reporting, accessible for any device. All data is brought together in the smart dashboard. Filter results on visitor data, marketing campaigns and finances and easily export data for further reporting.

payments dashboard

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Register now on the platform and get started right away with your own online ticket shop.

Register now offers more than only Ticketing’s Ticketing solutions helps event organizers of all sizes, but we can do way more.

Register on the platform and discover what else we can do for you. For example, we offer messaging solutions via channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email WeChat and more. Combine with our customer data platform and payment solutions in Europe or link to your local mobile payment solution in other countries, for example SnapScan or Zapper in South Africa. Contact us and we’ll think along with you. Everything for a completely streamlined customer journey, all in one platform.

Dutch Grand Prix use case

Pricing Ticketing

Pick a priceplan for your events

Online Business
Solution Self service tool to start directly Tailored solution for large events
Fee per ticket (excl. VAT) R 12,34 Contact us
Fee per guestlist ticket (excl. VAT) R 4,11 included
Event Ticket Scan app included included
Global support Online helpcenter 24/7 phone and email
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