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Messaging analytics

Get aggregated and detailed insights into your SMS, WhatsApp Business and Email traffic. Improve your mobile strategy with real-time delivery rates, speed, and conversion rate data.

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Messaging Analytics features

Messaging Analytics saves time, eliminates unnecessary processes and simplifies procedures and automatisation.

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Number of involved reports

Make insights into the number of involved reports over various periods of time (past 52 weeks, 30 days, 7 days and 6 hours). Within these views, breakdowns by country and operator can be seen.

Delivery rate

Shows both the delivery rate for successfully delivered messages and a view in absolute numbers. At the user level, it additionally shows the most important reasons why message delivery fails (*error mapping*). With this information, both routing and the telephone number database can be improved.

Delivery speed

Delivery speed gives the average time in seconds required for the message to be received by the end user's mobile device. This is essential for time-sensitive messages and One Time Password codes with short expiration times.

Conversion rate

Optimise your mobile transactions by implementing the Conversion API. With it, you can achieve the best total overview of your campaigns' success and measure ongoing messaging traffic.

Why is Messaging Analytics interesting for you?

The benefits from real-time insights

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Quality control

When sending One Time Passwords, it's important for the password to arrive quickly. Thanks to our quality checks, you will know if and why OTPs are not delivered.

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Up to date telephone numbers

With our Conversion API, you will know exactly when and if messages reach your audience thereby providing up to date data for future campaigns.

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Delivery time and rate

For urgent need to know alerts and notifications you need to ensure your messages are delivered quickly, analytics enables you to find out if the information was delivered.

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Our solutions are not only available for retailers. They can also be used in the Wholesale sector. Do you want to know more about what we can do for you? Contact us.

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