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Sep 29, 2020
5 minutes read Focuses on Strong Growth of Mobile Commerce With Introduction of Mobile Marketing Cloud, worldwide provider of Conversational Commerce solutions, is launching the Mobile Marketing Cloud. The Mobile Marketing Cloud is the world’s first ‘mobile first’ omnichannel customer engagement platform that connects businesses to customers via mobile telephone. It is the only marketing platform in the world that comprises all mobile messaging channels, including WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business and RCS. With the Mobile Marketing Cloud, broadens its services with SaaS and thus anticipates the strongly increasing demand of businesses for mobile commerce solutions.

Purchases by Consumers on Mobiles Increase

Online sales to consumers via mobile devices have been increasing exponentially for years. In recent months, these sales have really taken off due to the coronavirus crisis. According to e-commerce experts, the turning point from e-commerce to mobile commerce consequently took place in 2020. They expect, for instance, that the mobile commerce market in the United Kingdom will grow to almost 51% of the total e-commerce market this year and will continue to grow to 63% in 2024. In the rest of the world, a strong increase in the demand for mobile commerce solutions can also be noted. For instance, last year, sold no less than 62% of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix tickets via mobile telephones. That contrasts with what many expected, namely that tickets are mostly sold via desktops. McKinsey and the European Committee state that the digital transformation is experiencing a remarkable acceleration due to the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

Personal Relationship

Customers prefer personal communication over mass communication. That is why businesses – despite their customer numbers – need to enter into a personal, qualitative relationship with their customers. This centers on a relevant customer relationship and an optimal perception. In this respect it becomes even more important to maintain smart contact via the customer’s favorite mobile channel. The Mobile Marketing Cloud is fully integrated with the Conversational Commerce platform of This way businesses can easily set up omnichannel marketing campaigns to improve customer experiences and to build more sustainable relationships. This is exactly what a future resistant CMO is looking for. 

Omnichannel and Mobile First

The Mobile Marketing Cloud is the only ‘mobile first’ omnichannel customer engagement platform in the world that comprises official business accounts for all mobile messaging channels. Additionally, is a business solution provider of WhatsApp Business Chat and Apple Messages for Business and sends text messages via their own network of telecom operators.

Intervention of third parties or tailored programming are a thing of the past with the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Thanks to native integrations for all mobile messaging channels, the marketing team is in control. The latest payment methods are also supported. Customers can pay from Apple Messages for Business with Apple Pay and from RCS with Google Pay. This offers marketeers the opportunity to actually get started with conversational commerce.

Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix is one of the parties who successfully implemented the Mobile Marketing Cloud. Imre van Leeuwen, director of Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, explains: “We were looking for a partner who could assist us in creating a superior customer and fan perception and in optimizing our ticketing process. offers us both and that is exactly what makes our partnership so successful.”

Customer Data Platform

In order to put the customer first, an optimal customer experience is needed. Businesses need to know who their customers are and how they communicate on their mobiles. The heart of the Mobile Marketing Cloud, the Customer Data Platform, takes care of this. It collects all customer interactions and data in 360° customer profiles, regardless of the origin of the data. This way, marketeers can build segments by filtering on all potential profile features and behavior. With the Mobile Marketing Cloud, they can then automate multi-step customer journeys and reach customers on their mobiles in the way they prefer. For instance, it is possible to configure that visitors who scan their ticket at the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix automatically receive a welcome message via their preferred channel.

With the Customer Data Platform at the heart of the Mobile Marketing Cloud, one truth about the data of the customer is created. This enables relevant 1-on-1 communication on a large scale. With the launch of the Mobile Marketing Cloud, facilitates the transition from online sales to customer contact via mobile.

In Addition to CPaas Also SaaS Provider

The Mobile Marketing Cloud can easily be integrated with other solutions of, such as ticket sales and payments. Further integration, scalability and bundling of solutions are important priorities for the development and enrichment of the platform that offers to its customers. 

Worldwide, has been supporting marketing departments of listed and large enterprises as well as of small and medium-sized enterprises for over 20 years. is therefore familiar with this area and understands the market well. Because it is in their DNA to continue innovating, the step to enterprise-grade SaaS solutions is only logical. Additionally, they offer a big advantage: they own the complete infrastructure. 

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of “The coronavirus crisis accelerated many existing trends. We see and hear that large businesses now want to benefit from conversational commerce faster than ever. The market is starting to become more mature. Last year, businesses still opted for setting up complex integration projects with several providers of partial solutions. We now clearly note that the customer wants speed. The integrated solution of is very helpful when it comes to speeding up the implementation time.” stands for connecting people and making life easier. The launch of the Mobile Marketing Cloud is in line with this. For instance, is working on the optimization of the complete customer journey of its customers. Other examples are the integration of chatbots, payments, customer service software, ticket sales, and electronic signatures. Mobile Marketing Cloud

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