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Discover all features of our Connectivity Platform.

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Discover Our Subscription Plans

Go - free

Easily connect with customers on their preferred channel and kickstart your interactive journey.

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Basic - €129 per month

Expand your reach and add extra channels to meet customers where they are for the best experience.

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Advanced - €399 per month

Scale up your conversational strategy, and engage your audience anytime, anywhere.

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Pro - Tailored

Rely on our platform to provide a great customer experience on any relevant channel.

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Go Subscription

Start with our Go subscription by connecting to your first channel, choosing from 7 available options. This is the perfect solution for individuals or small businesses looking to kickstart their messaging efforts quickly and easily. Enjoy a straightforward, self-service setup that gets you up and running in no time.

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Basic Subscription

Upgrade to our Basic subscription for enhanced communication capabilities. Handle increased traffic effortlessly with a multi-channel strategy, connecting through 7 different conversational channels. This plan is perfect for growing your business by centralizing customer interactions and adopting an omnichannel approach, ensuring efficient and effective communication.

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Advance subscription

Advanced Subscription

Take your business to the next level with our Advanced subscription. Ensure comprehensive coverage for all your communication needs through additional available channels and included conversational connections. The Advanced plan allows you to send One-time-password (OTP) traffic by enabling high-priority status and offers the extra data and security of our Safeguard Enterprise. This plan is ideal for businesses looking to expand globally, providing quick and secure OTP traffic processing and top-notch data protection.

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Pro Subscription

For businesses with high-volume messaging needs, our Pro subscription offers tailored value. Customize your routing or use direct operators to ensure message delivery, even for volumes up to 1,000 messages per second. This package provides secure, efficient global communication with detailed insights and high-speed performance. To continuously improve your setup and resolve challenges, we offer 24/7 expert guidance. This plan is ideal for enterprises that demand the best in delivery assurance and analytics.

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Find Your Ideal Subscription

Explore the different categories to see the value each one offers and find the subscription that best matches your business needs.

Platform Connectivity

Seamlessly connect to our Connectivity Platform with a variety of industry-standard protocols. Leverage HTTP endpoints for effortless integration or SMPP for bulk messaging. Enjoy regular throughput speeds and high priority processing for mission-critical messages.

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Message Routing

Our Connectivity Platform provides you with access to 1000+ connections globally. Experience our expert-managed global routing for optimized message distribution, channel fallback settings to ensure continuous communication, direct operator routes for dedicated connectivity, and customized routes to tailor message paths to specific requirements.

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Message Convenience Services

We understand that global messaging may be complicated, especially if you are not from the industry. To help you make the most out of your business messaging solution we provide you with a suite of convenience features. Simplify your messaging operations, ensure message delivery, and grow customer engagement.

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Rich & Conversational (OTT) Channels

Enhance your messaging experience with's Rich Conversational (OTT) Channels. Leverage our conversational (OTT) connections to engage with customers on their preferred messaging apps or platforms.

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Data & Security

Protect your business and customer data with's robust security and privacy features. Our advanced technology, including 2-way encrypted connection (SSL), and Safeguard modules, protect your account from unauthorized access, spam, and data breaches.

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Platform Tools & Insights

Gain access to message logging, messaging analytics, and conversational analytics, enabling you to refine your communication strategies and enhance customer experiences. Seamlessly manage your channel configurations and seamlessly integrate our Engage software solutions for an integrated experience.

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Our Connectivity Platform offers a comprehensive support system that includes a vast knowledge base, emergency monitoring via our NOC, and access to our online status portal. Our team provides you with the support you need to get the most out of our platform.

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Explore an Extensive Overview of All Features

Access the complete overview of our Connectivity Platform's features. Discover the feature offerings for each subscription level in a detailed comparison table.

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