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Reach out to SalesRead the press release Becomes Primary Sponsor of Circuit Zandvoort starts the digital transformation of Circuit Zandvoort and commits itself as primary sponsor. The partnership results from the successful cooperation has with the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix.

dutch grand prix formula 1

Optimize the Fan Experience With Conversational Commerce

Both partners from Dutch soil share an equal vision on the future of sports and leisure events where the need for innovation is more relevant than ever.

The demand for smart digital solutions in the sports and events sector has been accelerated by COVID-19.'s technology provides a true VIP experience for fans while at the same time protecting visitors from health and safety risks.

Everything with a view to raise the customer experience to the highest possible level.

A VIP Experience for Every Visitor

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of “Digital innovation in the event world has accelerated since the outbreak of COVID-19. Our mission is to make life easier, safer and more beautiful to people through technology. After a series of F1 races without audience, Formula 1 fans are in need of admiring their idols in real life again. We can only speculate in what form this will be next year, however in the changing situation we will serve fans the best we can so that they can enjoy sports at Circuit Zandvoort in the way they are accustomed to.

The partnership exceeds just a new name of the circuit. We use all our tools to offer the event visitor a VIP experience. Apart from brand awareness among various target groups, with its diversity of (sports) activities and international nature Circuit Zandvoort connects people through sports and emotion, which is fully in line with our ambition. This makes Circuit Zandvoort an equivalent partner to cooperate with.”

Digital Transformation With

Robert van Overdijk, CEO Circuit Zandvoort: “Circuit Zandvoort is officially ready for the Formula 1. Recently, we have taken receipt of the Grade 1 licence. After the physical transformation with adjusted facilities and infrastructure, we are also undergoing a digital transformation with our partner Apart from harmonisation in the technical area, we quickly noticed that both our organisations share vision and ambition; we are both passionate about tapping into new opportunities and thinking in a customer-oriented manner. 

In, with its many years of expertise in the area of mobile technology and payments, we have found a reliable partner that we are now also proudly adding to the name of our circuit. In the contact with our customers we always want to meet their wishes and expectations. With the help of the knowledge and the tools of we can exceed these expectations of our visitors.”

More Than Just a Ticketing Partner

Imre van Leeuwen, Director at Dutch Grand Prix: "We were looking for more than just a specialized ticketing partner. A partner who could help us optimize our ticketing process and create a superior fan experience. offers us both, that's what makes our partnership so successful".

Preventing Black Trade

Rogier Aarts, Product Manager Ticketing at "A common method of scamming registrations is to create a large number of email accounts on their own email domain to be able to fulfill multiple registrations. We wanted to prevent fans from being misled because a large number of tickets end up on the black market". 

Optimal Fan Experience Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

As mobile technology partner of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, has introduced a whole new form of ticketing, communication and payments.

Discover all the innovations that have been used for the Dutch Grand Prix here.

Vraag en aanbod tickets Dutch Grand Prix

Supply and Demand of Tickets Dutch Grand Prix

In 2019, The Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix announced that it will return to the Netherlands and interested parties could register their interest for tickets via the special pre-registration page on

By means of the registration form interested parties left their details to prevent fraudulent accounts. The data was filtered with a number of authentication steps. For example, only one registration could be made per e-mail address. The registration also required a unique SMS code.

As a result of this filtering, over 11% of the requests were already blocked because they turned out to be fraudulent.

Invitation for Ticket Request

One week after completing the pre-registration phase, on June 25th, the remaining email addresses were invited with a personal email to make a ticket request. The interested parties were asked which type of ticket they wanted (day ticket for a specific day, weekend ticket or passe-partout, for 1 year or 3 years, and for which grandstand and price range [bronze, silver or gold]).

Second Choice

In order to ensure that as many fans as possible get the chance to attend this long-awaited sporting event, they were also asked for a possible second choice. So, let's say a consumer says he or she wants a silver tribunal ticket. If those tickets are sold out - he or she might be interested in a more expensive gold or a cheaper bronze ticket. This is to increase the chances of getting tickets. It was also an option not to make use of a second choice. Both the primary and secondary choices were saved. This would play a major role in the distribution key of tickets at a later stage. For this application round, the consumer was obliged to purchase the tickets if he was raffled in for the tickets he had selected. 

Tickets op basis van loting en ‘cascading’

Tickets Based on Lot Drawing and Cascading has developed a new module within its existing ticketing system for awarding tickets to applicants. At the end of the application period, all applicants were given a unique lot number. These have been assigned "at random" in order to rule out any form of priority. Based on the available capacity of tickets, the applications were allocated to the applicants with the highest lot number. If someone is caught behind the net for his or her first choice, he or she will again participate in the draw of his second choice. In the first instance, preference was given to the cheaper option by means of 'cascading'. 

Opbouwen van klantprofielen met het Customer Data Platform

Building Customer Profiles With the Customer Data Platform

The Dutch Grand Prix has made optimal use of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) from the start of the collaboration. As a result, the CDP now contains more than ten million data points collected in more than 300,000 customer profiles.

With the extensive segmentation possibilities offered by's CDP, you have a smart way to set up highly personalized marketing campaigns.

email campaigns

Personalized and Automated Email Campaigns's Mobile Marketing Cloud includes Email Campaigns. Dutch Grand Prix used this tool to easily design, automate and analyze emails.

Extremely useful for the Dutch Grand Prix, as this enabled them to send automatically triggered emails based on certain actions of fans or certain time frames. For example, an email was automatically sent when the preregistration for tickets ended and when the ticket sales started.'s chatbot: de Race Engineer’s Chatbot: The Race Engineer

To aid fans in every step of their journey, we created the technology behind the Race Engineer for the Dutch Grand Prix. This specific chatbot was made especially for the Dutch Grand Prix and runs on WhatsApp.

The Race Engineer was specifically aimed at answering questions about travelling to and from the event, like:

✔ How can I reach the Dutch Grand Prix?

✔ What means of transportation is suggested?

✔ What is the fastest way out of the circuit?

The Race Engineer and Customer Contact

On the day of the race, the chatbot could be used to answer frequently asked questions.

If the bot could not answer a question,’s Customer Contact tooling made it possible to hand over the conversation to a human customer care agent. Customer Contact is a platform from where all conversations can be managed: whether they started via a bot or a messaging channel like WhatsApp. This allows customer care agents to easily respond to all incoming messages and hand over conversations to the right teams without losing track of the conversation.

The Toolset of Today's Marketer

All conversations with the chatbot were automatically stored in the CDP, to enrich the customer profiles. The CDP is the beating heart of the Mobile Marketing Cloud, where all customer data and interactions are stored, just like the ones with the chatbot. This enables marketers to easily segment customers by filtering on certain demographics or actions, like ‘everyone who started a conversation with the Race Engineer’.

Dutch Grand Prix in 2020 and Beyond

Unfortunately, the Dutch Grand Prix had to be postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Thankfully, the Mobile Marketing Cloud enables the Dutch Grand Prix to communicate easily with the fans that already bought tickets for the 2020 race. 

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