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Adapt to customer demands, quickly and efficiently deal with service issues, and reduce customer churn.

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Telecommunications in numbers

2 min 7 secs

Mobile customers saw average wait times of 2 mins 7 secs (up from 1 minute 18 seconds the previous year (Ofcom)


The cost of acquiring new customers is up to 25 times higher than the cost of retaining them (Database Marketing Institute)


Only half of broadband (52%) and mobile (57%) customers are satisfied with how their complaints are handled (Ofcom)

30% - 35%

Telecommunications has historically experienced an average churn rate of 30% to 35% (IGI Global)

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Your customers want to talk to you on their favourite channels. Make sure they can by using's mobile messaging channels.

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Telecom segments serves

Telecom services

Telecom services

Customers are empowered by digital technology. They expect personalised communications, offers, and services - based on their usage and contract. Customer experience is key to reduce churn rates. Companies that can meet these needs thrive.

Wireless communication

Wireless communication

Wireless communications is a fast-growing sector within telecommunications; more and more communications are shifting to mobile devices. Companies need to meet customer expectations and their demand for quick, reliable service.

Telecom equipment

Telecom equipment

High competition, innovative new companies, and the rising need for sustainability demand changes in telecommunications equipment. Larger companies dealing with equipment need to ensure clear communication with clients and external suppliers.

How can help your business

Let customers decide how, when, and where they contact you with an AI chatbot

Personalise comms based on customers' preferences, usage, and contracts

Reach your customers on their preferred messaging channels including WhatsApp

Streamline all conversations to increase quality with one omnichannel inbox

Leave no question unanswered and keep loyal customers happy and engaged

Conversational AI Cloud

Provide the right information for your customers, 24/7

More than ever, customers expect answers fast, anytime, anywhere. In particular, digitally-native consumers value self-service solutions and the ability to source information and solve problems themselves. Our Conversational AI Cloud platform empowers customers with all the information they need — from how to renew their account, to typical internet speeds, and the discounts they’re entitled to via automation.

Conversational AI Cloud

Deliver personalised customer engagements today. 

We'd love to help your business realise the power of conversational commerce. Click the link below to speak to our sales team and schedule a demo.

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